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Growth Dynamics and Optimum Harvest Stage of Two Forage Maize Varieties

Author GuoChangJun
Tutor FuFengLing
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords Forage maize Feed graded index Growth dynamics Harvest Leaf Logistic Curve
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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\cultivation of maize hybrids with the group dubbed the two forage maize varieties. Thanks to the combination of high-yielding maize cultivation performance and teosinte resistance, showed strong heterosis, biological yield than cultivation of maize and teosinte, especially for Southwest Mountain and Hill Ecological Region rainy oligonucleotide according vegetative condition industry, agriculture and pasture development. As a forage species, forage maize harvest grain corn varieties not like as strict. However, the survey of different varieties of growth dynamics, analysis to determine the optimum harvest period, in order to maximize the yield potential of forage maize varieties, for the promotion of new varieties provide supporting technologies. In this study, Maize Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University, newly bred varieties of forage maize \and leaf as the standard, investigation and analysis of forage fresh weight, dry weight forage, a variety of nutrients. Through the growth dynamics Logistic curve analysis to determine the optimum harvest two varieties. The main results are as follows: (1) two biological yield of forage maize varieties with leaf growth dynamics, the Logistic growth model. \23 leaves and 27 leaves increased significantly slower. \and 23 leaves increased significantly slower. (2) two forage maize varieties feed graded index (Grading Index, GI) changes linearly with leaf drop, \It showed in the biological yield with leaf growth, a variety of nutrients that can be digested and absorbed livestock ratio gradually decreased. Therefore, the best forage maize harvest period, neither the period of maximum biological yield, nor biological yield from fast to slow down the transition period, and should be considered biological yield and forage value, according to the unit area digestible total energy growth dynamics OK. (3) \The total energy nutrients (MJ / hm ~ 2), x is leaf. After emergence, \, then gradually slow down. To 25 leaves (growth stage 96d, effective temperature 1160 ℃), the unit area yield of digestible nutrients total energy reaches a maximum 26075MJ/hm ~ 2, then gradually decreased. \Unit area yield of digestible nutrients in the total energy of 22 leaves (growth stage 92d, effective temperature 1097 ℃) reached the maximum 20973MJ/hm ~ 2, then gradually decreased. Therefore, the \\

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