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Language change in the form of the Song and Yuan landscape painting

Author ZuoLing
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School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Song and Yuan landscape painting language form simplicity poetic painting Amalgamation of painting and calligraphy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Throughout the development track of the plastic arts, we find that there is such a potential rule:: All is generally conforms to simplicity numerous, from practical to esthetic, from unconsciousness to consciously, then again from numerous returns "simplicity" , from returns "unconsciousness" consciously, completes one "the samsara" .Must point out, this samsara is not absolutely the simple machinery insignificant repetition, but has the affirmative denial, conforms to the dialectical materialism denial of denial rule.The landscape painting development evolves also conforms to this rule, it to gradually hastens solely from the initial technique perfectly, presents from simple to complex, or simple or complex, from the numerous letter in reply from newly established to the mature development track.We transform take the Song Yuan landscape painting language form development as the example, this rule does not debate the self-evident.Song and Yuan period is the development history of Chinese landscape painting of the most important historical stage, but also the formation of aesthetic norms of Chinese landscape painting, building its own unique symbol system - during the artistic language. Landscape painting during this period has developed by leaps and bounds, its language also occurred in the form of a number of fundamental changes. First, the Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, the language of the form of landscape painting from the fan to the simple changes. The second is from the Southern Song to Yuan, there has been to change the direction of the simple cell. In this transformation process, the "simplification" is the development trend of the total."The simplification" is the Chinese tradition drawing theory forms in the long-term development successional variation process has the national characteristic proposition and one of categories.It with "numerous" is not the relative concept, not merely exponential quantity how many, but is contains the intrinsic spirit "the simplification" . Looked from the cognition study angle that, Shang Jan was the human common psychology.Regardless of for the poem, for the article, is the picture, Shang Jan’s prevailing custom had existed since ancient times in our country.In China ancient times in the drawing, "the simplification " was the artistic idea which one principle runsed through it all, right "simplification" the pursue passed through the Chinese tradition drawing art throughout.The traditional Chinese painting discussed numerous Jan to unify, Shang Jan goes to the numerous thought to manifest ancient’s explicit art "the simplification" consciousness. "The simplification " must pass through a developing process, namely by numerous to " simplification " , the side can achieve one kind of higher boundary.But this process, in the essence contains two counter aspects.Looked from exterior image that, it is by numerous comes, to simplify by deleting unnecessary material, but from contains in the content and the symbolic significance looked, in fact by Jan Yufan, apparents brief, the regulations embodiment is richly colorful.The Song Yuan landscape painting language form transforms the process was actually one evades numerous hastens Jan, honors Jan Shangyi the evolution process.This process gets it done in one action by no means, by Northern Song Dynasty time spontaneous ""simplification" tendency, to Southern Song Dynasty time aware "simplification" pursue, then developed gradually for the Yuan Dynasty naturally"simplification"the performance, from the shallow to the deep, by words sparse Jan, developed to style high Jan, then became one kind of naturally brief, has achieved to the high boundary.Although the Song Yuan time painter to the drawing language pursue is different, but simultaneously also undeniable drawing language in different time interdependence.No matter Song is the Yuan, its landscape painting language form all is the innovation and the development which in the generation of landscape painting tradition foundation carries on before the inheritance.The two apparent the difference to be really far, actually the thought inherits, all aware practice "simplification" this rule.The Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, is picturesque by the poem, "Jan" strives for elusively in the layout, the scenery are less the gas to be longer.The Southern Song Dynasty to the Yuan, is picturesque by the book, "Jan" asks the charm in the words, the pen to recover Jan Erqi to be stronger.The Song Yuan landscape painting language form the reason that has the transformation, has inside and outside two aspect reason.The intrinsic reason includes "the automatic rhythmicity" guidance function and drawing main body spirit leading role two aspects.The external causes the influence five aspects which including the time background and the social root, the advantageous natural environment, the numerous Jan alternate growth philosophy soil, the zen esthetics thought seepage as well as the drawing material quality transforms.

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