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Study in Secure Multiparty Computation Protocols and Typical Applications

Author KangBin
Tutor YuZhaoPing
School PLA Information Engineering University
Course Applied Mathematics
Keywords Secure multiparty computation Threshold cryptography Multi-secret sharing Signcrypted Key escrow
CLC TN918.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Secure multiparty computation (SMC) is a distrust of multi-user network, two or more users can not leak their private input collaborate to perform a computational task. In fact secure multiparty computation is a distributed protocol, this protocol n members were holding a secret input x 1 , the x 2 , ..., x n , tried to calculate the function value (y 1 the the y 2 , ..., Y N ) = f (x 1 , x 2 , ..., x n ), where f is a given function. The meaning of security is necessary to ensure the correctness of the function values, without revealing any secret information entered on each, even the participants cheating. Since the ACYao in 1982 first proposed the concept of secure multiparty computation, secure multiparty computation has become the research focus of international password academia, In fact, if we can secure computing any function, we have mastered a powerful tool, because any a cryptographic protocols can be classified as a special secure multi-party computation protocol. Traditional secure multiparty computation field mainly focus on how to obtain a generalized computable function of any agreement, and secure multiparty computation in specific environments and did not do in-depth research. This article is designed for the specific application issues and safety requirements for different types of attacks and network conditions, designed for the secure multiparty computation protocol. The main research work of this paper are as follows: 1. Secure multiparty computation on the basis of agreements - multi-secret sharing protocol. For the most secret sharing agreement only applies in the (t, n) threshold application is not suitable for application on general access structure, to limit secret sharing scheme based on RSA cryptosystem and Shamir door, put forward a new general access structure-based verifiable multi-secret sharing scheme. To recover the secret program by the members of the sub-key a shadow, the shadow is difficult to get the sub-key itself, so you can reuse, ie, the same set of sub-key multiple secrets. The same time, the program can distribute information published and participants provided sub-key certification shadow, which can withstand the distribution and participants deception. The problem of low efficiency of most of the existing secret sharing scheme in the shared secret is proposed based on general access structure of the new, highly efficient multi-secret sharing scheme. In this scheme, a secret sharing process can be shared at any of a plurality of secrets, especially useful for sharing large secret main action relates to the Lagrange interpolation operation, and therefore greatly improve the system operation efficiency. For threshold signature are mostly based on discrete logarithms, and can only resist static attacker, secure multiparty computation of a typical application - anti-adaptive attacker's threshold RSA signature scheme. On thresholds RSA cryptosystem, a more in-depth research, summed up some of the work of their predecessors, and refined some of the important skills, and some of the deficiencies have been improved, and finally a secure anti-adaptive attack The threshold RSA's security proof by simulation. (4) the threshold signcryption program can not solve the multi-sender joint signcrypted the problem, identity based cryptography and bilinear pairing, this article proposed another secure multiparty computation application - based on multi-sender (t, n) threshold signcryption scheme. First, ECC bilinear design an identity-based signcryption scheme, and prove the security of the scheme is given in the random oracle model (Random Oracle Model), programs and typical identity-based signcryption scheme has a higher efficiency; further signcryption scheme designed, through the integration of a secure and verifiable secret sharing scheme (VSS), gives the sender identity-based threshold signcryption scheme, Finally, Simulation results show that the security of the scheme. In order to provide a compromise approach between the right to protect the user's privacy and government agencies monitor, secure multiparty computation Another typical application - key escrow. The first analysis of the existing key escrow scheme and its defects, and then proposed a new key spin-off system, which designed a strong dynamic key escrow scheme. The program has a strong, verifiable, dynamic, effectively solve the \

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