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On the Space-time Order and Rhythm in the Formation of Textile Art

Author ShenJie
Tutor ZhuWei
School China Academy of Art
Course Dyeing design
Keywords textile art model space-time order rhythm
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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From the history of the design development, the aesthetic of designing the product has always been concerned. In the society where the material is basically met and even richer, the products with a higher aesthetic design are needed to meet people’s spiritual life. The demand of people for textile products is also no exception. The transition of the demand from the necessities of life to the spiritual satisfaction of the own personality requires the textile designers to pay more attention to improve the aesthetic conception of the textile products. And in this paper, the textiles which emphasize the decorative features, aesthetic and artistic characteristics are called the textile arts.The textile arts mainly convey the aesthetic value through the formal beauty of the model. But the aesthetic characteristics have certain complexity and comprehensiveness in the designing activities. Therefore, the designers must have a higher aesthetic ability to create some designs satisfying the aesthetic requirements. The aesthetic ability of designers requires to be trained not only in the designing practice, but also in the process of understanding the aesthetic rules. In the modeling design of textile arts, order and rhythm are the important aesthetic rules. The order is established by people with the purpose to show the aesthetic of the models. It is the order with a space-time nature that is displayed through the space combination of physical material elements. Rhythm is a factitious art rhythm, which is the unity of order and disorder. It is an important factor in the performance of the formal beauty of the textile arts. It shows the formal beauty with an emotional connotation, which reflects the aesthetic characteristics of the textile art models. Order performs the intrinsic relationship in the combination of models and shapes, while the rhythm performs the external form of the shapes.Through the discussion of the space-time order、rhythm and the specific design cases, the paper attempts to elaborate the shape-building and shape composition of the textile art models and explain how to perform the space-time order with the aesthetic characteristics. Meanwhile, it also tries to elaborate the aesthetic qualities and the influencing factors of the rhythm in textile art models. Then it discusses the basic aesthetic characteristics of the textile art models, which provides a theoretical basis for the design and practice of the textile art models.

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