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Synthesis of Octopirox Intermediate 4-Methyl-6-(2,4,4-trimetylpentyl)-2-Pyrone and Measurement of Correlated Heat Capacities

Author LiZuo
Tutor DaiLiYan
School Zhejiang University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Octopirox 4 - methyl - 6 - ( 2,4,4 - trimethyl- pentyl ) -2 - pyrone Synthesis Specific heat capacity Cooling method Methenamine Acetic acid Acetic oxide
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Octopirox is a new anti-dandruff antipruritic dandruff antipruritic outperforms similar dandruff antipruritic . It can not only with the shampoo other added component is preferably mixed , and non - toxic without stimulation , higher safety performance and is therefore a greatly promote the value of dandruff antipruritic . Paper on the basis of the literature method of synthesis , the synthesis of the key intermediate of the synthesis Octopirox . Herein by reference method of synthesis of compounds of analogous structure , to determine a route with a high yield , and easy to operate , and 3,5,5 - trimethyl chloride , and 3 - methyl - 2 - butenoic acid methyl ester as a starting The raw material, by acylation , FC acylation , hydrolysis and lactonization Preparation of 4 - methyl-6 - (2,4,4 - trimethyl - pentyl ) -2 - pyrone , total yield 52% . Reactions in each step , the amount of catalyst , reaction temperature , feed ratio on the reaction was investigated to determine the optimum conditions . Addition, the determination of the specific heat capacity of the related compounds in the synthesis Octopirox experiment using the cooling method, the use of the transformation of the simple calorimeter measured at atmospheric pressure and a temperature in the range of 308.15 ~ 333.15K Hexamethylenetetramine - acetic acid, anhydride - acetic acid system under a different composition than the heat capacity , measured C_p value with temperature and concentration associated RMSD of the experimental and calculated values ??of 1.47% and 0.46% , respectively . Acetic anhydride - acetic acid system , by C_p value calculated mole excess specific heat capacity , the C_p ~ E Redlich-Kister equation associated derived therefrom calculated and experimental values ??of AAD is 5.68% .

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