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Study on Synchronous Closing Technology of Circuit Breaker

Author YangZhiYong
Tutor XuJianYuan
School Shenyang University of Technology
Course Motor and electrical
Keywords Genetic Algorithms BP neural network Synchronous Closing Technology Back-to-back converter station Pre-breakdown
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Change the power balance problem requires in order to meet the electricity grid supply and demand, the power grid required to put the various parts of or the removal of electrical equipment. However, these operations may cause transient response and propagation within the system, cause harm not only to the breaker itself and the user equipment, protection devices also cause misoperation, and even endanger the stability of the power system, power quality have become increasingly demanding strict context of the need to pay attention to. Synchronous Closing technology refers breaker movable and stationary contact under the control of the control system, designated in the system voltage waveform of the phase angle at the closing, so that the load transformer, capacitor and the no-load line and other electrical equipment in itself and the system minimum impact put into an intelligent power system control technology. Synchronous Closing the principle effectively weaken the inrush current and over-voltage when the circuit breaker is closed, the technique is superior to the closing resistors, series reactors and other traditional methods, but the accuracy and reliability of the actual action has been is the focus of debate. Therefore, this article did some research. Synchronous Closing Synchronous Closing of high-voltage circuit breaker core algorithm that closing time prediction algorithms did some research, Synchronous Closing in time by the ambient temperature, control voltage, pre-breakdown characteristics and other external factors, so this According to the data the existing 10kV vacuum permanent breaker and 145kVSF6 of spring breaker impact relations with the closing time, the neural network toolbox in MATLAB software and genetic algorithm toolbox to study a genetic optimization BP neural network algorithm Closing time predictions. Second, due to the back-to-back converter station filter off timely produce the inrush current is the filter damaged the main reason, so this use of electromagnetic transient simulation (ATP / EMTP) software simulation analysis of a 220kV back-to-back converter station filter breaker using synchronous closing inrush limiting role, as well as research inrush current limiting standard Synchronous Closing the technical error of the predicted time. And closing overvoltage and do some analysis. Finally, on the basis of the previous chapter, the analysis of preliminary breakdown of sync off together technology, using ANSYS software to calculate a closing stroke curve combined with different pitch breakdown voltage of a 252kV circuit breaker rated conditions may curve the attack breakdown voltage change with time, compared to contact both ends of the system voltage, to draw closing dispersion interval in this condition and the target closing point and the value of the over-voltage. Provide some theoretical basis through the research, technology Synchronous Closing.

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