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Construction and Deconstruction of Modernization: A Contemporary Paradox of Chinese Society Development

Author XuJingBo
Tutor YangLiangCai
School Yan'an University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords modernization post-modernization construction deconstruction Paradox
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Under the background of globalization, modernization is an overall tension inherent concept which concerned on each aspects of economic, political, cultural, and the society; and in which it has the features of multiple heterogeneous and open flows. The contemporary Chinese is undergoing profound transformation period, each part of the society aspects mechanisms are in constant development and improvement. Under this serious situation of the enormous challenges in the way of the global development, we also faced the same serious situation is that we have to know which way we should go, and find a suitable development model for China. The modernization is playing a very important role in the history of western development and throughout the development process of the world history. For example: the capitalism which based on the market-oriented industrial created a wealth of material possessions; the sovereign nation-states ensure that the order of human interaction, and the security of all ethnic groups on the basis of the independent development of national economy and protect the national characteristics; the creation of research universities to promote the accumulation of knowledge all over the world and the continuous development of human society. However, its inherent problems of modernization exposed more and more problems and crises during the process of development: there is no fair but efficiency of the market economy; only growth but not development; which caused an environmental crisis and ecological imbalance; excessive consumption of resources; widen the gap between the rich and the poor; the whole society lost fair, justice, human materialized, and serious alienation; "Bureaucracy" management caused enormous political bureaucracy, violation of human freedom, and democracy and human rights; the subject of expansion and secular culture tendency caused the lost of human spiritual home, the human being becoming rootless duckweed. With these series of crises of modernization, the Western find a best solution for the crisis of modernization; some even said that the Western society has past the modernization period and being in the post-modernization period. In the West, the performance of the traditional, modernization, and post-modernization is presented as a diachronic evolution. While in China, traditional, modernization, and post-modernization is manifested at the same time. While the Chinese government develops the modernization, the Western has entered into the post-modernization period, and began to reflect on the modernization contemporary issues and criticism. All of the above issues pushed us have to face this choice paradox: while the crisis of modernization continued exposed, and the post-modernization has no practical achievement during this period; should we continue to build the modernization, or pass the modernization "Crafting Gorge" and directly into the post- modernization? However, the reality is that acute shortage of the modernization is more than the publicity problems of modernization in China. In which performed as flawed and inadequate of the modernization, for example, the inefficiency of the administration of bureaucratic; the self-discipline of public life did not amount to anything; democratization, and the contract of the public authority has not been formed; immature modern culture which is lack of the concept of freedom, democracy, rationality and cultural awareness and so on. Therefore, the construction of modernization of China is still the primary task currently. But, in the context of globalization, China should not repeat the old way of the western country and simply cling to the neglect of the modernization construction, in which will ignore the negative consequences of the modernization and its complexity and specificity; we should not give up the construction of modernization because of the crisis. Moreover, we should keep the advantages and institutional strengths, combined with the traditional Chinese culture and modern reflection of the outcome of the draw wisdom, abandon and transcend the modernization construction of the western and take the path of modernization with Chinese characteristics, and maximum avoid the adverse effects of the modernization crisis. We should choose the most reasonable and optimum development model in order to lead a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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