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Discuss Heidi Hartmann’s Binary Ideology

Author GuoLuYa
Tutor LvLiangShan
School Liaoning University
Course Foreign Marxism
Keywords Heidi Hartmann Binary Ideology Marxism/Socialist Feminism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Received a great deal in the development of human civilization today, developed countries and many developing countries women are basically fight for equal political rights. But in reality, women in the political, economic, cultural, ideological, cognitive, conceptual, ethical and other areas are still in an unequal position with men. In the current economic globalization, feminism under the influence of the new problems facing. Feminist theorists began under the background of the new age to explore the theory.Western Marxism/Socialist Feminism which came into being in the 60s of 20th century combines Marxism with Feminism to analyze women’s oppressed condition and research into the solution to women’s liberty. The oppression of Patriarchy and Capitalism to women is a significant issue included in contemporary western Marxism/Socialist Feminism. Researching from different points of view, the scholars have advanced kinds of understandings to such an issue along with varieties of interpretations to the relationship between Patriarchy and Capitalism.Heidi Hartmann’s binary ideology appears as the representative of western Marxism/Socialist Feminism. Showing her disapproval to other feminist theories, Hartmann exposes women’s oppressed position and researches into the solution to women’s liberty with the application of Marxist and Feminist theories and approaches. At last, she puts forward the binary ideology of women’s misery, and then offers an approach to research on women’s oppressed situation in both Patriarchic and Capitalist society. Her feminist thought was displayed on many aspects in the 70s of 20th century in the US.Untill now,there is still profound impact for women’s liberation around the world.It is still of great importance in directing Chinese women’s liberation movements.This paper tries to further comb Heidi Hartmann binary system, Heidi thoughts and theory in marxism, the source of its thoughts and methods to analyze and interpret, then the contemporary Chinese socialist conditions really realize female liberation put forward one’s own thinking.

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