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Research on Xu’s Realistic Painting Ideas during Sino-Japanese War

Author WangHaiZhen
Tutor QiuZhengLun
School Southwestern University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Xu Beihong During the War of Resistance Against Japan Realism
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The realist paintings ideology Xu Beihong painting thought the essence of his life insisted, and an unyielding pursuit has been throughout. The Xu Beihong realist painting ideas of the last century is enormous unprecedented's. It is very meaningful to carry out in-depth discussion of the War of Resistance Against Japan which a specific period of Xu Beihong painting realism. In line with this principle, this paper discusses the following aspects: First, before the war, Xu Beihong painting realist aesthetic thought causes of. Xu Beihong life insisted realist aesthetic ideology. Third, to strengthen and deepen the reasons wartime Xu Beihong painting realist aesthetic thought. Wartime Xu Beihong painting realism deepen its works. Fifth, the impact of wartime art painting, by Xu Beihong painting advocated realism. Xu Beihong painting realist thinking awareness and assessment. This paper focus in the third part of the wartime Xu Beihong painting realism deepened its works and the fourth part of the wartime Xu Beihong painting realist aesthetic thought to strengthen and deepen the reasons. Any change and development of the arts are in a certain social and historical conditions during the war realism dominates, because the sudden outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan; lies Xu Beihong strong proponent of realism, to achieve learning foreign Fine Arts rescue Chinese Artists The patriotic art ideal adhere to: that the Communist Party of China on the importance of the cultural construction of the Anti-Japanese War Art. War period, the maturity of the Xu Beihong Art and Life. Many of his ideas and thoughts in this particular period has been constantly strengthening and deepening its most vividly manifested in the works. Many of his important works are also formed in this period. Finishing of the Anti-Japanese War of Xu Beihong research data War Xu Beihong's painting into the new content, so he created the theme to the popular road of nationalization, the nation's hopes on a majority of the toiling masses, draw their War of Resistance Against Japan determination to serve the country. Rather hopes then rulers to recruit the. Xu Beihong choice of realism by no means only in accordance with personal feelings to be decided, with his boyhood experiences growing up, my father traditional education, under the tutelage of Kang Youwei, are closely linked to the experience of studying overseas Chinese painting since the late Qing Dynasty routinization, the retro vogue, lifeless and left him deeply understand that change the Chinese art decadent crisis situation must choose realism. Its purpose is to guide people to observe the natural and social transformation of China's art with a scientific attitude. Xu Beihong artistic creations and achievements in the field of Chinese painting is the perfect embodiment of his unique artistic ideas and concepts. By Xu Beihong painting during the war of the analysis we will find him in the creation of Chinese painting, Western painting from \Permeated with the spirit of Chinese culture advocated seamless and natural uprightness, and shows that the in the hearts of the Chinese nation and the beauty of the whole picture. From Xu Beihong's work during the war, we also found that the various elements of his lines, the black color, perspective, light and shadow have reached the point of a fiery innocent. Xu Beihong lines of Chinese painting and ink block modeling approach to the performance of European classical realism painting pottery (mainly in the light and dark tone), greatly enriched the expressive draw lines and ink. Xu Beihong pen lines by the severity and slow disease, shade, wet and dry change not only reflects the relationship between the structure of the object, the object and the background, but through the clever arrangement of density contrast between echoes, given the images without Asia in the light and dark tone modeling method demonstrated a sense of volume and sense of space; Xu Beihong has texture, amount of sense, sense of rhythm, rhythm means of modeling is unmatched by European classical realist painting. Xu Beihong opposed to the origins of the martial arts inherited, advocated learning from nature, directly to the natural division. He introduced into the Western classical painting realistic skills of Chinese painting, and abandoned its images of excessive faithful, such as depth of field to create. Ink painting sketching the way, said is Xu Beihong an original. Of course, we can not say that Xu Beihong thought we should accept, especially during the war, some of the picture processing means and ideas. It also has its own non-indemnity cover defects. But we can not negate. Artists for art has its own preference and style, there is no preference would be no art, not to mention there are historical, environmental and external factors. Understanding attitude towards the Western Exotic Art of Chinese painting in the 21st century too blind, too utilitarian, we re-interpretation of Xu Beihong painting ideas, the idea of ??his attitude on the Chinese traditional culture and Western realist art in the treatment of , especially during the war some of his artistic ideas and patriotism have a positive and far-reaching significance for the purification of the art world of the 21st century. The Xu Beihong insist on the implementation of realist painting and laid the basis of observation and skills for Chinese realistic painting.

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