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A Contrastive Study on Request Strategy from a Cross-cultural Perspective

Author HeWenZuo
Tutor LiuAiZhen
School Jiangsu University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Speech Act Request behavior Request policy Politeness theory Cross-cultural comparative study
CLC H319.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Such topics as shown in this study, based on questionnaires and interviews of American and Chinese students in accordance with the method of the empirical research and analysis of the differences in Chinese and English request strategies. Chose to request speech act, mainly because it is widely used in various scenes of daily life, ask someone such as meal delivery salt, or to let the others to turn the television a little when we sleep. Although this study is to establish on the basis of many scholars, but so far little empirical research on English-Chinese cross-cultural request strategies. Based on this, the study uses a discourse analysis of quantitative research (Gui Shichun Ningchun rock 1997) and qualitative research methods, research and analysis to find the cause of the difference and the same foundation up Chinese-English request strategies these different the sexual cultural factors. This study to answer two main questions: 1) Chinese students and American students strategies to use when making the request if there are similarities and differences? If so, what similarities and differences exist? 2) What cultural factors caused American students and Chinese students making the request strategy the difference? study used questionnaires and interviews to obtain research data. The questionnaire used approach to the study of Blum-Kulka, a number of scholars in the implementation of international collaborative research projects, namely \based on the research of scholars such as Blum-Kulka, this study used 12 scenarios, these scenarios include reality communication social relations, as between friends, between strangers, between the students etc. In order to make the subjects independent of the design content and real data, the study subjects completely free to answer questions based on individual experience in the form of a questionnaire, the first detailed description of the the behavior occurred scenarios and questions, and then let the test based on scenarios to answer a total of two groups of subjects participated in the survey (total 100); subjects were college students from China and the United States, and American students to 40, including 16 males and 24 females; Chinese students for 60 people, 30 men, 30 women on the basis of the questionnaire, the research has taken a stratified sampling approach, six students and four American students were selected from the students to participate in a survey interviews, analysis, research has led to the Sino-US students request strategy use differences and cultural reasons. choice of subjects will affect the findings of the survey in the choice of subjects, taking into account the following: (1) participate in the All of the subjects of the investigation for college students, that is, all subjects had a similar level of education; (2) participate in the survey subjects aged between 18-21 years old; (3) Chinese students whose mother tongue is non-English majors in Chinese and American students whose native language is non-English foreign language students. research based on the collected data, and processed by Excel, this study has the following major findings: First, direct strategy, the Chinese students use The direct strategy frequency higher than American students, Chinese request behavior, direct strategy is appropriate and effective expression request; Chinese and American students complete the requested behavior, use the starting behavior of language and auxiliary behavior The language is very different to other Chinese students have completed the request behavior biased in favor of the request auxiliary language placed in the the request center language before, that the language of the \after, \choice; (2) China and the United States, a large difference in the salutation system affect the subjects request salutation choice. (3) inductive mode of thinking and deductive thinking patterns affect test students in China and the United States tested students on \or after the use of the word order \lies in the small number of subjects of the survey of the Institute, can not be fully representative of all the Chinese and the Americans, on the other hand the impact of the request speech acts there are many factors, such as age, verbal direct / indirect degree of attitude and sex differences in this area need to do a lot of broader and more in-depth cross-cultural pragmatics research.

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