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A Study on Huntington’s Theory of Political Development and Its Modern Significance

Author HuangXiaoYu
Tutor LuRiLiang
School Beijing Jiaotong University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Political developments Political Modernization Political stability Theory of political development Political democracy Harmonious society
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Political development and stability, not only is necessary for the sound development of the world political and social objective conditions, the national academic focus wide and important subject of painstaking research. Since World War II, the political language of democracy, equality and elections dominated by the Western developed countries gradually occupy an important position in world political developments in theoretical research stage, the third world countries and waves of advancing wave of democratization, and just in Asia the \In China, with further deepen social transformation, as well as the full swing of the political, economic and social reforms to adapt to social development, political development and stability not only become a full pursuit of the important goals of senior party and state, and its research also become more and more widespread concern of multiple experts and scholars in the field. Accurate grasp of the current trends, the positioning of the process of political development in the tide of political reform in the world, and provide a useful comparison and reference for the development and reform of China's political, and ultimately find a political development road of Chinese characteristics, and on this issue The study is extremely meaningful. The theory of political development since its been in most of the country's politics and academia has been more popular in the world, especially the social and political development of the developing countries had a profound impact. In this paper, through research and analysis on Heinz political development and stability theory point of view. To find a point of positive reference value for the construction of a harmonious society in China, how to handle the relationship between reform, development and stability. Huntington in his \He proved by a large number of examples and materials: political unrest is most likely to happen, especially in those countries and regions have entered the process of modernization and economic development of a considerable degree, the highest frequency of occurrence. The process of modernization, the desire of the members of society swelling, but the social system to be able to satisfy the needs of the members did not improve, the contradiction between the two led to the frustration of the members of society, and thus lead to unrest, causing social instability. , Huntington, through social mobilization, economic development, social frustration, opportunities for social activities, political participation and political institutionalization, the relationship between the political instability in several dimensions variable to a comprehensive display of the ideology of political stability. Huntington points to some of the reasons for the instability of political modernization in developing countries, has a certain significance for the realization of China's modernization. The important content of the papers, based on Chinese political modernization explore entry point on the Huntington's theory of political development, reform, development and stability in the relationship, the relationship between political development and political system, from mutual balance of political democracy and political institutionalization and maintenance and essentially political stability angle on display important content of the theory of political development and stability. Emphasis major revelation of Huntington's theory of political development for China's political development and the building of political democracy and its Significance. At the same time, we also can not deny that, due to Huntington's own conservative orientation, values, preferences, and its adoption of comparative historical research methods, Huntington's theory of political development have significant drawbacks. Important manifestation of this point, also the paper. Standing objective point of view, the analysis of these defects, so we are able to have a more comprehensive and objective understanding of Huntington's theory of political development. In short, despite the Huntington's theory of political development and political stability have certain questionable argument parsing which useful ideas on the Chinese today how to better deal with reform, development and stability of the relationship between a positive reference value.

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