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HACCP-based principles in the production of PET bottles hazards control

Author GaoMeiFen
Tutor ChengLongSheng;HuJianHua
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords HACCP PET-bottle Food packaging Hazard
CLC TQ323.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Food packaging product safety is an important base for food safety to protect their health and safety has drawn increasing attention. PET bottles in food packaging products are more secure products, food processing enterprises in the more widely used, but there is acetaldehyde, heavy metals, such as evaporation residues may cause harm to human health factors. PET bottles to food packaging to ensure safety and health, China and the world have strict limits to this requirement, to take effective measures to carry out quality control, of which the most stringent FDA. (Food and Drug Administration) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) (Hazard Analysis and Critieal Control Point) is a recent rise in international food industry to ensure food safety as a preventive quality control system, which is the process by the key to food processing to implement effective monitoring, which will eliminate the food safety reduce health hazards or hazards to the safe level.PET-bottle products in food packaging products are safe, but there are still acetaldehyde, heavy metals, such as evaporation residues can be harmful to human health factors.China and around the world have strict limits on this requirement, with the most stringent FDA. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the international food industry in recent years emerged as a preventive food safety to ensure that the quality control system, it is through the food processing process, the key to the implementation of effective monitoring, food safety and hygiene in order to to eliminate or reduce hazards to a safe level.This article by selecting a representative and in accordance with QB/T 2665-2004 "hot-fill polyethylene terephthalate with (PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)) bottles," the polyester bottles (PET bottles for short) for applied research object, with reference to international Codex Alimentarius Committee (CAC) "HACCP system and its application guidelines," the recommended principles and procedures, access to literature and the collection of PET slice, additives, masterbatches, processing, production environment, based on the detection level, with emphasis on the production process hazard analysis critical control point, control of risk factors, the whole process of management; the key to the development of prevention and corrective measuresEstablish PET bottle production of HACCP systems, improve and perfect the implementation of control measures; on the implementation of HACCP management before and after the critical control points, the corresponding index of sampling, testing and comparison, the whole course monitoring; determine raw material selection, drying, molding for the production of PET bottles critical control points, so that key control. Examples show that the critical control points on risk factors before and after the tracking test, the test results compared before and after the index has a very significant upgrade, in order to effectively improve the quality and safety of packaged products.Implementation of the HACCP management is to ensure the quality of PET bottles is one of the most effective way. The establishment of the HACCP system can effectively control the production process of PET bottles in risk factors, for PET bottle manufacturer, testing agency, PET bottles to use enterprise applications. In this paper, application of HACCP principles for the PET bottle manufacturers and inspection agencies to provide risk factors in the control of a new way, through the production of PET bottles to create a hazard analysis critical control point system and improving product safety control, improve product quality, improve passing rate of the product, thereby ensuring a more secure and stable food processing packaging products to protect food quality and safety.Ⅲ

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