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Research on the New Breed of Chinese TV Dating Show in the Context of Consumerism

Author LiJiang
Tutor GengZhongYin
School Liaoning University
Course Radio and television Art
Keywords Consumerism Consumer culture The new breed of Chinese TV dating show Symbolic value
CLC G222
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In 2010, Hunan TV’s program Take Me Out opened the door of The new breed of Chinese TV dating show, followed by Jiangsu TV’s Non-honest Do Not Harass, Zhejiang TV’s To Dash Forward for Love, Dargon TV’s Cream of the Crop, etc. TV dating show quickly occupied the screen, to be the unique landscape in the 2010s. But in many TV dating show programs, the view among the guests has become the focus of the attention, with”The man with three”,“Naked marriage”,”more money”and other topic, making the audience see the desire of young people who like to pursuit material interests and spiritual enjoyment. This greatly subvert the seriousness of television media, making the hedonism and money worship and other consumer thoughts have a panoramic view.Although the birth of consumerism was in the west, with the globalization of our country, the thoughts about consumerism spreads rapidly in China. In which, television has played a catalytic role. Film and television drama, advertisement, MTV and other video images exert the symbolic value of goods to the limit by depicting the good life, advocating consuming, which greatly affected the values of people. Since then, the purpose of consumption is no longer physical desire and practical effect of people, but the symbolic value that hidden beyond the goods. Then, the action of consumption is alienated, the symbolic value of consumption has become an important basis of individual identity and value judgment. It can be said that the ideology of consumerism has become a malignant tumor that endanger the Chinese public, and the idea was showed most vividly in the new breed of Chinese TV dating show. Therefore this article focuses on the consumerism of Baudrillard, to describe the interaction between the consumerism and the new breed of Chinese TV dating show, especially to find the presentation of these programs, then proposes some suggestions for the future of the dating show programs.This article is divided into five parts, the first chapter summarizes the relative books, papers, magazines and other literature during the presentation of this paper, including the views on consumerism both here and abroad, the studies of the TV dating show programs in China, and the hot debate on the Internet.The second chapter makes an overview on the consumerism. Firstly, this chapter summarizes the conceptual definition of the relevant consumption. Secondly, this chapter focuses on the theoretical aspects of Baudrillard’s consumerism, especially about the symbolic meanings of goods, the discussion between consumer society and consumer culture, and the broadcast from TV images to consumer culture. Finally, this chapter describes the phenomenon of the consumer culture in different stages in China, and reveals a series of negative effects produced by it.In the third chapter, the article discusses the effects that the consumerism generated to the TV programs, and the present situation of the new breed of Chinese TV dating show. Firstly, it mentions the changes of television by consumerism. TV programs make the symbolic meanings of goods more important than it should be, which encourage the consumerism tendency of the television transmission, nurture and guide the audience to the same values, then complete the spread of consumerism. This chapter also combs the development of Chinese TV dating show, describes the present situation, the rationality of their resurgence, the inheritance and subversion from the traditional dating show.The forth part of this article is more important, which analyses what the new breed of Chinese TV dating show is displayed by consumerism. In the new breed of Chinese TV dating show, appearance of people is the first attraction. At the same time, different areas, ideas, classes form a strong contrast. The guests display as a hierarchical style who are the models for audiences, then meet the public’s sense of belonging. In VCR, the images covered by the symbolic meanings of goods, which enhance the status of the guest, and continue to extend personal interests, testes, personality and other individual value. Through the conversation, personal utilitarian views on love and marriage make the consumerism more clearly. Consumerism focuses on entertainment, so does the new breed of Chinese TV dating show, which not only absorb a number of game elements, but also make attention to the topic and the individual show of the guests.The last chapter of this article makes same cool thinking on the new breed of Chinese TV dating show which presents the tendency towards consumerism, and make several suggestions. This paper shows that, the new breed of Chinese TV dating show has extended the limits of making friends. The larger number of the guests, the manufacturing of the special atmosphere and the suspense show its nature that it is a reality show, and all the action is under the personal show. Meanwhile, this chapter also makes some advices about the program’concept, code, orientation, content, programming, to hope this type of programs will develop better and better.However, this article has not involved the TV dating show abroad, and there is not a deep discussion about the historical origins between the new breed of Chinese TV dating show and the Chinese culture. All in all, this paper argues, the influence of consumerism has gone into our lives, and changed people’s values. The utilitarian value in the dating show programs coincide with the consumer culture, which promoted enjoying the pleasure of life and the satisfaction of desires. It is can be said that, the new breed of Chinese TV dating show takes more attention to the appearance, and makes the guests based on a wealth gap, then stimulate them to make choice which is the reflection of consumerism. In the new breed of Chinese TV dating show, the non-mainstream value of the guests reflects the performance of the consumerism in China. But as television programs that face the public, it must be standardize the communication scale, both shows the essence of the programs and complies with the mainstream values. Therefore this article is to find the right way of development of the new breed of Chinese TV dating show by analyzing the relationship between consumerism and the programs.

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