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Ferromagnetic materials are measured based on Labview new installations hysteresis loop

Author YuZuoXu
Tutor ZhangTao
School Jilin University
Course Radio Physics
Keywords Ferromagnetic materials Hysteresis loop Data collection Equipment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In this paper, in-depth study on the basis of magnetic measuring principle , through the system of initial magnetization curves and hysteresis loops related problems, to design a fast , accurate, deep probing depth measurements and ferromagnetic hysteresis loop magnetization curve new device. This device comprises : generating pulsed electromagnetic field part , the detection probe portion , data acquisition and data processing section. Pulsed electromagnetic field which is charged and discharged through the discharging capacitor excitation coil obtained by the detection sensor probe input signal directly out of the induction of high-speed computer Labview data acquisition system DAQ, Labview through computer data processing techniques to get the whole process of magnetization of the magnetization curve and the hysteresis loop . The main contents of this paper include: ( 1 ) Descriptions of ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic theory and applications, introduces the current research status and existing problems , this paper proposes a new device designed advantage ; ( 2 ) on the design of the device is applied to the basic theory to make a more systematic summary ; ( 3 ) describes the basic device structure and working principle . ( 4 ) describes the basic structure of the measuring probe ; ( 5 ) describes the specific acquisition DAQ principle ; ( 6 ) computer data entry, data processing of specific methods and related procedures ; ( 7 ) magnetization curve measurements: a systematic comparison with a collection angle of the magnetic field under different initial magnetization curve and capture two different sizes in the same magnetic field angle initial magnetization curve ; ( 8 ) hysteresis loop measurements: describes the collection method and hysteresis loops eliminate interference , adjust the image the specific method of symmetry

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