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Study on Desensitization of Primary Explosive Nickel Hydrazine Azide (NHA)

Author XiongYu
Tutor LiYan
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Analytical Chemistry
Keywords Nickel hydrazine azide Shellac Stearic acid Dextrin Molybdenum disulfide Coated Insensitive
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Nickel hydrazine azide (NHA) This paper focuses on the new primary explosive insensitive research azide insensitive nickel hydrazine by choosing different Insensitive covering materials and different coating methods, sample, and the obtained samples bulk density, Fluidity, particle size, limit the amount of primary explosive, flame sensitivity, electrostatic spark sensitivity, impact sensitivity and friction sensitivity performance test. The main conclusions are as follows: (1) selection of different concentrations of shellac as covering materials through three processes NHA coated. Shellac concentration of 3%, the low temperature compound generated NHA warmed to 75 ° C to -80 ° C, the coated granulated shellac solution was added dropwise, resulting medicine covering effect, large particle size, the flame sensitivity is reduced to 23%. (2) selection stearate as a coating material, the NHA after synthesis, 75 ° C to -80 ° C was added solid stearate, the NHA be coated in a molten state. Large particles resulting Pharmacy, good Fluidity, significantly reduced in the flame sensitivity, 50% Combustion lowest height dropped 8cm. (3) add a different amount of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) as a cladding material, MoS2 soaked with alcohol added directly to the bottom liquid of the nickel acetate, i.e., in the course of the synthetic preparation of the NHA mixed MoS2. Doped MoS2 pharmaceutical Fluidity, pharmaceutical bulk density increases close to 0.7g/cm3 Pharmacy limit initiation dose of 30mg electrostatic spark sensitivity is reduced, add the amount of 10% MoS2 full ignition energy increased by 60-fold, friction sensitivity from 50% to 0. (4) The selection of different concentrations of dextrin as the cladding material, the use of in situ coating method, the dextrin solution was added to a freshly prepared solution of nickel acetate bottom,, in the compound process NHA coated. The concentration of dextrin best add 6%, resulting Pharmacy Diaspora better, limit the amount of primary explosive is less than 60mg flame sensitivity 30% reduction in the bulk state, electrostatic spark sensitivity is reduced ignition energy increased by nearly 90 times. (5) selection of the compound coating of shellac and MoS2 NHA. First MoS2 directly added to the base solution of nickel acetate, after Synthesis NHA, shellac may be coated within the holding time was added dropwise. Pharmacy Fluidity reduce, limit the amount of primary explosive increase to 80mg, the flame sensitivity is reduced by 34%. (6) selection of dextrin and MoS2 NHA compound coating. The new preparation of dextrin solution and MoS2 is added to the base solution of nickel acetate, NHA compound process them coated. Proceeds Pharmacy particles uniformly Fluidity limit detonating drug quantity 60mg bulk conditions flame sense degrees decreased 60%, 20MPa pressure conditions, flame sensitivity decreased 18%, reduced static spark a sense of the degree, all angry energy to improve 10 times.

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