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A Study of the Development Strategies of Dating Shows on TV in Consumption on Times

Author LiYaNi
Tutor LiYanLin
School Northwest Normal University
Course Radio and television Art
Keywords Consumption era TV dating show Tactics
CLC G222
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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TV dating show is the first mid-1960s in the United States launched a show in the late 1980s, some domestic television stations have also opened a number of television programs dating or intimate love class. Start at the beginning, they are dominated by the service, in order to effectively solve the problem of single men and women for the purpose of marriage, fully embodies the media services. However, due to domestic political, economic and other aspects of the impact of ideas, TV dating show once into a valley, and even out of the TV screen. Beginning of this century, in a variety of new ideas, new concepts and consumer context of the times under the influence of television dating show once again embarked on a TV screen, and in the last couple of years there has been a prairie fire, a variety of competing dating show screen, regardless of the form or content has an innovative, program type is also changed from a simple service class entertainment-based, services, supplemented by programs. Entertainment programs not only occupied the top of the ratings, but also aroused great repercussions. Flourish on TV dating show, but also a lot of problems, such as program homogenization, functional one-sided, biased value-oriented issues such as the need to reposition the program, the content and form of innovation, create personalized other presenters on television dating show the brand's re-build. This paper is divided into five parts, the first part of the preface introduces the topics of the research background, purpose and meaning, methods and innovation, important and difficult, etc., but also through research review summarizes results of previous studies. The second part explains the consumer age and its impact on the television media, belonging to the background of the introduction. This section discusses the definition of consumer age, consumer era causes and impact of the media on television. The third part is an overview of the TV dating show. First analyzed the morphological characteristics of television dating show, from the basic characteristics of television dating show to start, take it with other types of television programs a comparative study, highlighting the characteristics of a TV dating show. Secondly, the development of television dating show the process of the sort, and analyze a TV dating show different stages of development and changes in social causes and programs for their own reasons. Finally on TV dating show became popular again in the last couple of years the reasons put forward a few observations. The fourth part is the status of the TV dating show and its analysis of the problem, through the various stalls are now being hit television dating show to summarize its content and form, link settings, guests at the other aspects of comparative research, the TV Problems dating show. The fifth part is based on the previous question put forward the corresponding countermeasures, is the focus of this thesis chapters, through both from the theoretical and practical propose appropriate development strategies in order to enrich the TV dating show theoretical research, guidance, television dating show toward a more healthy direction, to realize their full economic and social benefits of the double harvest.

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