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Study on Low Power Routing Algorithm for Real-time Monitoring of Wireless Sensor Network

Author LiangHuanHuan
Tutor XiongQingYu
School Chongqing University
Course Control Science and Engineering
Keywords WSN Real-time monitoring LEACH Low energy consumption
CLC TP212.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Wireless sensor networks (Wireless Sensor Networks WSN) is an emerging technology for access to information, are broad application prospects in various fields, real-time monitoring is a typical application system. Real-time monitoring system needs to periodically collect data, and transfers the data to the remote management center, the node continued need to consume a lot of energy, which requires real-time monitoring of network node energy is very limited and can not be complementary, with low power consumption characteristics . Currently, there are many classic low-power routing protocols, routing protocols correlation characteristics, it is difficult to identify a suitable routing protocol for all applications. Therefore, real-time monitoring of application-oriented background, design a simple and effective low-power routing protocols. We build improved low-power wireless sensor network-based real-time monitoring system architecture, system architecture design, the design of a Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Protocol (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarehy, LEACH) consumption routing algorithm. To reduce network node energy consumption, improve overall network energy use efficiency as the research direction, in order to achieve the object of the network lifetime. For real-time monitoring application requirements, the classic LEACH protocol analysis and improvement of application, the study includes the following four aspects: (1) study the existing classical routing protocol for wireless sensor networks, the characteristics of the routing mechanism and the presence of problem, and in many ways the classic routing protocols comparative analysis. Study the characteristics of real-time monitoring network, the Distributed Management introduced the concept of real-time monitoring of network, build a hierarchical wireless sensor network applications for real-time monitoring system, improve the system's flexibility and scalability; and on this basis architecture for real-time monitoring system, the LEACH protocol introduces real-time monitoring of network, using LEACH low-power advantages, reduce network energy consumption, extend the life of the network. ③ LEACH protocol detailed research and analysis, the uneven distribution of cluster head node for the existence of the Agreement, the low-energy node may be selected as the cluster head, the paper defines the formula F to select a cluster head node, to eliminate low-energy node is selected as the cluster head node, at the same time, the paper size of each cluster has been optimized to solve the problem of the hot zone cluster head node is easy to early death; energy consumption for the cluster head node and the base station single hop communication problems, the paper proposes a multi-hop routing algorithm based on partial information, reducing the energy consumption and extend the network life cycle. ④ Matlab simulation software used in the design of simulation scenarios the improved algorithm LEACH and LEACH-RM were simulated, the simulation results show that the improved algorithm is better than the LEACH algorithm can balance the network energy, improve network energy efficiency in the use of extended The life of the network, has a good application value.

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