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Initial resistance of the CPC Shanghai underground refugee work

Author DiYan
Tutor DanGuanChu
School Shanghai Normal University
Course CPC's history
Keywords during the Early Period of the Anti-Japanese War the CPC Shanghai Underground Party’ s Work on the Work in Refugees
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The refugee problem in the Anti-Japanese War is one of the research topics in the history of modern Chinese society in recent years. Early in the war, refugee problem in Shanghai was but also as one of the research focus. The CPC s Shanghai Underground Party’s work in refugees has been hailed as "a successful initiative", which was an important part of underground work in Shanghai at that time, was also an integral part of the Anti-Japanese National Salvation Movement during the "isolated island" period.A direct result of the war of aggression by the Japanese in Shanghai was the formation of the vast scale of refugees. The CPC Shanghai underground Party’s work in refugees which relied on the strength of the various systems in the decentralized initiated had been formed. Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee had just rebuilt and faced the complex situation of the fall of Shanghai. In the case of dangerous complex political environment, and subjective power weakness, it started to seize the refugees work, and established the Refugee Board to strengthen the work of the unified leadership of refugees; to shelters as the basis, gave the refugees patriotic education and class education; and developed party members in the refugees; transported the refugees to participate in the New Fourth Army.From the literature and historical materials which the author has known currently, historians for discussion of this issue is still basically the KMT government or private relief agencies to refugee relief plane, while the study of the refugee work of the CPC is still quite weak, and the organization and use of the historical materials is also not very full, only experts, scholars, researchers mentioned this issue simply in their related research papers, are not yet seen the papers or monographs which have a special systemic study of the subject. So the author will accord to the scattered newspapers, archives and collections to make an overview of Shanghai Underground Party’s work in Refugees to supplement the weak links of special study.

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