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GPS-based taxi dispatch and Monitoring System Design and Implementation

Author LianJin
Tutor ChenZuoPeng
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Global Positioning System Geographic Information Systems Vehicle Scheduling Vehicle Monitoring
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the global positioning system (GPS) the popularity and widespread use, in the taxi industry to rely on GPS real-time access to vehicle latitude and longitude as the basis for the vehicle to achieve real-time scheduling and monitoring system has become possible. The rapid development of the national economy in the era of urban transport is an important component --- the taxi industry has entered a period of rapid development. In the continuous process of development of the various management issues arising out of the real also placed in the taxi industry management and government units in front of a taxi in front of corporate management. Taxi industry is a service industry directly for the general public, the vehicle scattered in various regions of the city, its impact on society and involves very wide range, as the business has grown to the delivery capacity of rational planning taxi strengthen taxi safety management, strengthen the supervision of the driver and taxi, reduce vehicle fuel consumption and reduce deadhead mileage reduce the waste of resources, to provide passengers with a better service faster and more practical solution to the problem requires more advanced systems to support, through the system come with the realization of the industry and to ensure the healthy and stable development of their own in the industry more competitive and faster decisions reaction force. Management level from the government point of view: to solve urban traffic congestion, reduce vehicle fuel consumption and reduce air pollution, strengthen government regulation of the taxi needs are so needed a GPS-based system to match. How to design and build a complete system, to meet the widest range of government regulation of comprehensiveness, even sex; scientific enterprise management, forward-looking; system itself scalability, robustness; while for drivers and Passengers surly bring practical help and benefits, is a GPS-based taxi dispatch and monitoring system design must be considered also to be solved. This paper argues that a taxi companies design and implement a monitoring system for the background scheduling and start discussion, the senior management of the enterprise strategic direction of the actual goal of the operation of the business enterprise infrastructure to build a comprehensive data-based taxi dispatching and monitoring systems . The author's main work is to: 1. Fully understand the needs of taxi dispatch based on the design and monitoring of taxi dispatch system, and large multi-threaded concurrent data transmission environment based on event-driven system design. Purpose is to make the system more clear hierarchy and more powerful scalability. 2 in the system implementation process to identify and address a large number of taxi with the system's data connection and to ensure data integrity and reliability issues. Purpose is to allow the system to save more server resources to achieve higher efficiency and reliability of data transmission. 3 In the proposed system implementation process and resolve complex cases pinpoint road vehicles can be dispatched issue. Purpose is to more accurately find the vehicle further reducing vehicle mileage Kongshi reduce vehicle fuel consumption, faster to reach the passengers on the train. 4 in the system implementation process to identify and address the rapid and efficient mass data storage and retrieval problems. Implementation of the project in combination with the practical problems encountered in the process of analysis of solutions in the daily management of the system to illustrate the practical role to play. The vehicle is intended for real-time monitoring and management of data in a fast and accurate support.

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