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Dualism of Life: A Thematic Study of Mrs. Dalloway

Author CaoQingQing
Tutor GuoJiDe
School Shandong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Virginia Woolf Mrs. Dalloway Theme Dualistic
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) in the 20th century history of English literature's most important writers, is one of the outstanding representatives of the British novelist stream of consciousness. Woolf was a prolific writer, her life wrote a total of nine novels. The \In this work, Woolf uses consciousness genre writing methods, such as interior monologue, free association, spatial and temporal montage, symbolism, to show the reader a picture of life in post-war London. Fiction since the publication since the early 1900s, it has attracted critics attention. 1920s to 1940s research focused on its innovative writing techniques and experimental. 1950s and 1960s turned to study philosophy, psychology and mythology fields. From the 1970s to the 1980s, critics began from a feminist and modernist interpretation of the novel aspects. And since the 1980s, critics began to Historicism and the level of post-colonialism to interpret this work. These angles are of great significance for understanding the novel, but they ignore the very important point, the novel has the typical characteristics of binary oppositions, and Wolf androgyny concept echoes. Woolf was originally \This is a very old concept, in many philosophical and religious systems represent a unified and whole. For example, the opposition between men and women is often seen as an example of binary oppositions. This paper will expand on this level, \This thesis consists of five parts. The first part is to import parts, including Woolf's life, works, writing features and literature review. The next three chapters are the main part of this paper. The first chapter of this thesis, mainly from the discussion of Luowei Fu respected and World War I veteran 赛普蒂默斯 perceived world. Although the two different genders, different social status, health status different (赛普蒂莫斯 was diagnosed with mental disorders), two of the world was the same. They all love the beautiful moments in life, the same hatred kill the soul \In my opinion, this is so different Woolf create two very similar roles is used to illustrate life is constituted by a variety of opposing forces, but the opposition does not mean confrontation. This is an excellent description of binary opposites, opposites coexist. The second chapter is about the isolated and exchanges in the world co-exist on this topic. Fictional person to person through the exchange of analysis of the problems encountered and concluded - on privacy requirements and communication needs for the most basic needs of people, although the two opposites but are indispensable . Should be avoided to any one extreme, the two should reach a relatively balanced state. This is the second show of the novel duality, unity and coexistence extreme. The third chapter focuses on the theme of the novel in time. Woolf in the novel use of two time expression, to show the reader a world that is short and permanent. Novel never stop watch time represents the fleeting world, and everything in between minutes and seconds change and death. On the other hand, psychological time represents a permanent world. Because memories can be demonstrated in the past in the present, so that past and present combine together. Both time expression is the backbone of the novel, depicting a world of perpetual memory of the passage of time. This section demonstrates another duality. Once converted to balance opposites can enjoy tranquility. The last part of this thesis is the conclusion that this part of the paper summarizes explains the structural characteristics of the study summed up the full features. Through the first three chapters of the contents of the overview, conclusion that the concept of androgyny in the novel played an important role. Dualism is its central theme, the reader can dig out more branches from which the theme. From the perspective of binary oppositions to read the novel very instructive.

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