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Processing Technologies of Oats Milk by Enzyme Hydrolysis

Author XuKang
Tutor FuLiang
School Jinan University
Course Cereals, Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering
Keywords Oat Malt Enzymatic Oat milk Oat breakfast milk Production
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Oat (Avena Sativa L) is one of China's major cereals varieties, development oat milk drinks Crop Industry Development in China is an important field of research. In this study, the main raw material, oat malt and peanut accessories, developed with small viscosity, emulsification system is relatively stable, delicious, easy-to-eat oat milk drinks and Oat breakfast milk drinks. And to study the impact of the malt characteristics of oat starch, oat gum and oat protein. Basic nutrients: First determination of the raw materials in the experiment the test material oats starch 69.54%, 5.06% fat, 14.67% protein; malt starch 54.28%, 2.54% fat, 12.07% protein. Barley malt, there are a variety of enzymes, wherein the enzyme activity of α-amylase 3.86 U-/ g malt beta-amylase activity of 4.954 U / g malt protease activity 279.80 U / g of malt. Determined through experiments oat milk drinks preparation process: oats → cleaning → baking → soak → the plastic grinding → Enzymolysis → filter → deployment → the homogenization → filling → sterilization → cooling → Quality Inspection → finished. The best critical process parameters are as follows: 180 ℃ after 20 min of baking oatmeal and water ratio of 1:15 (w / w), α-amylase 60 U / g, the temperature of 80 ° C for 50 min; then 90 U / g glucoamylase, temperature 55 ° C for 40 min reaction. Enzymatic hydrolyzate added 0.12% (w / w) xanthan gum; 6% (w / w) sugar; 0.02% (w / w) vitamin C; 0.01% (w / w) salt; 0.01% (w / w ) sodium tripolyphosphate. In the the 50 ℃ next, 30Mpa and a 40-50 MPa homogeneous twice. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 22 min. Moderate viscosity of oat milk drinks, relatively stable state organization, coordination aroma, smooth taste. Oat breakfast milk preparation process: oats, barley malt and peanut → cleanup → baking → soak → the plastic grinding → Enzymolysis → filter → preparation → the homogenization → filling → sterilization → cooling → Quality Inspection → finished. The best critical process parameters are as follows: oats: barley malt: peanut 9:1:1 (w / w), solid-liquid ratio of 1:15 (w / w) and soak for about 10 hours, plastic grinding, and then the temperature about 70 ℃, incubated for 50 min, filtered slurry. 60% slurry; 0.2% (w / w) Gellan gum (LT-100); 0.1% (w / w) sucrose ester; 5% (w / w) sugar; 0.01% (w / w) iso Vitamin C sodium ; 0.015% (w / w) sodium tripolyphosphate. The product has a unique flavor of oats, peanuts; uniform morphology, its quality is in line with the national vegetable protein beverage hygiene standards. 1% (w / w) oat starch paste, adding 0.2% (w / v) and malt make transparency and viscosity were reduced 74.3%, 97.6%, retrogradation and analysis of water rates were increased by 11.7%, 59.1%. 0.1% (w / v) malt added to make 1% (w / w) oat gum, the viscosity decreased by 44.3%, but the oat gum, oat protein emulsification and the emulsion stability, foaming properties and its foaming stability The nature of the impact is not obvious.

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