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Study on Measurement Algorithm for Surface Area and Lumen Volume of Industrial CT Three-dimensional Images Based on C-V Model

Author WangYingHua
Tutor ZengLi
School Chongqing University
Course Computational Mathematics
Keywords Reverse Engineering Surface Measurement Industrial CT Image segmentation Contour filter
CLC TP391.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of science and technology and industrial production, many areas are put forward higher requirements for product performance, internal and external shape, resulting in a variety of more complex surfaces used in industrial products. Surface measurement accuracy of surface inspection and reverse engineering (Reverse Engineering, RE) basis, to achieve the model construction of the surface shape of the improvements, performance evaluation and Inverse Manufacturing, you must obtain three-dimensional surface parameters. Therefore, the method of surface measurement is an important value. Divided into two categories of contact measurement and non-contact measurement of surface measurement method, depending on the measurement. Contact measurement method of high accuracy, versatility. The downside is computationally intensive, and costly, vulnerable to the impact of the measured object material. Non-contact measurement method can measure the non-contact object, such as a radiator, high-temperature object collection faster, but require a higher expertise than the in-contact measurement accuracy is not high enough. But the internal structure of the workpiece is closed lumen measurement using the conventional measuring method is difficult to achieve. Industrial CT (Industrial Computed Tomography, ICT) technology-ray source emitting radiation from multiple angles measured object detection detector after the analyte-ray attenuation information collection down, using a computer image reconstruction algorithm The reconstruction of the detection site to obtain an ordered series of slice images. Non-destructive detection of the size of the workpiece external and internal structure, particularly suitable for the measurement and analysis of the closed cavity within the workpiece. Conventional image measurement method for image denoising split image measuring, closed cavity measurements In this paper, the internal parts of the algorithm based on the CV model of industrial CT three-dimensional image surface area and cavity volume measurements. The completion of the main research contents are as follows: first analyzes the image segmentation algorithm, because of industrial CT images to measure the accuracy of segmentation will directly affect the accuracy of measurement, image segmentation is a key step of the three-dimensional measurement. CV geometric active contour model image segmentation model based on partial differential equations, the model segmentation image can be global optimum, continuous edge segmentation results, with strong noise immunity, is a more effective method of image segmentation. CV model slice of Industrial CT images sequence is divided extracted to be measured target area, and then tracking the workpiece layers of the target area contour points, contour tracking algorithm stored in the form of a chain code; followed to strike the surface layers of contour centroid point, and then calculate the surface contour points to the centroid distance contour filter and Gaussian convolution, the purpose is to remove the burr on the measurement; Last to establish triangular facets in each layer contour points, calculated by summing triangular facets area to calculate the surface area of ??discrete Green's formula on each slice area of ??the target area, Taiwanese body formula method to calculate the cavity volume. Experimental results show that: In this paper, the segmentation method can effectively and accurately segment the target area, split measurement compared with the traditional first image denoising, the method can be more accurately measure the surface area and cavity volume.

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