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Study on Ecological Landscape in the Process of Urban and Rural Harmonious

Author JiaHuiMin
Tutor WangNing
School Agricultural University of Hebei
Course Urban Planning and Design
Keywords Urban and rural areas Urban-rural integration Ecological Civilization Ecological Landscape
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Urban and rural areas is the Party Congress made a major strategic decision is an important means to achieve the integration of urban and rural areas. Urban-rural integration is a highly developed productive forces under conditions of urban and rural fully integrated and mutually resources, mutual market, mutual services between urban and rural areas to achieve the economic, social, cultural, ecological and coordinated development process. As society progresses, various contradictions in the process of urban and rural areas continue to emerge, combined with the ecological landscape of neglect, and even economic growth is built on the basis of environmental destruction, not only impede the process of integration of urban and rural, urban and rural areas also caused Integration not achieve the desired effect, and even lead to economic retrogression, which greatly restricted the progress of society, has become the bottleneck of urban and rural integration. A series of global ecological crisis of industrial civilization has been unable to explain the continued development for humans. Humanity must shift from the original conquest of nature to develop in harmony with nature, ecological civilization is emerged for human survival, and continued to create a new development path, and ecological landscape construction process is an important manifestation of ecological civilization. The main function of ecological landscape is to maintain equilibrium or restore the natural balance of the natural rate, to be truly environmental protection, to pave the way for sustainable development of urban-rural integration, and thus play urban promote rural economic development, urban and rural integration, balanced urban-rural measures and propose viable solutions to the problem. Only scientific and rational way to determine the necessary conditions for the ecological landscape, square can be a strong ecological landscape layout application. Ecological protection and construction of landscape to the times. Currently in the process of urban expansion ecological landscape has undergone tremendous change, ecological landscape has been neglected or violent transformation of the original matrix to farmland, buildings and roads and other facilities to be heterogeneous plaques and corridors in the landscape mode, in rural and urban the integration process gradually evolved into the rigid construction and road facilities such as the landscape matrix, landscape heterogeneity has become the plate and corridors, the ecological landscape fragmentation, poor continuity and systemic balance disorders, ecological structure imbalance, loss of function and other problems corridor, consequent many new environmental problems, severely hampered the development of social civilization. In this paper, the process of urban and rural landscape ecology research status, concepts and research background and significance of a brief exposition; and in the urban landscape, rural landscape, \the urban-rural integration process of the necessary conditions for ecological landscape proposed design should follow the basic principles of a typical project example example to explain the correctness of the theory and practical, ecological landscape construction of urban construction in the real practice of providing reference for theoretical and applied.

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