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PURGING Dismount the Treatment of Acute Cerebral Infarction

Author ChenYing
Tutor WuZhiBing
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Clinical basis for TCM
Keywords cerebral infarction Purgative compound rhubarb enema clinical efficacy
CLC R277.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Cerebral infarction (CI), also known as ischemic stroke (CIS), is the result of local brain blood circulation disorder, ischemia, hypoxia and necrosis occurred in softening. Including arteriosclerosis thrombosis cerebral infarction (ABI), cerebral embolism (CE), lacunar infarction, etc. Infarction in cerebrovascular disease in recent years, the most common, accounting for 75%, and the disease "disease disability" very, cerebral infarction caused by after-effects such as:physical paralysis, mental impairment, activities of daily living obstacles, patients and their families will bring great physical and psychological distress, especially in intellectual impairment and activities of daily living obstacles, have seriously affected the health and quality of life of patients.ObjectiveThrough its own control and the matched control, under the objective evaluation of Purging the prognosis of acute cerebral infarction were compared before and after treatment of neurological evaluation of changes in life skills, which under the enema Purging of the acute stroke value and promote the significance.MethodWould be consistent with cerebral infarction, inclusion, exclusion criteria of the subjects of 36 cases. Admission by randomly divided into 2 groups. The control group on the basis of the basic treatment, patients in the hospital not be during the enema; treatment group based on the basic treatment, diagnosed after admission to the liquid compound rhubarb retention enema enema, 1 day/time. Treatment for 2 weeks. Observation of sex, age, and extent of neurological deficits before and after treatment (NIHSS), functional assessment of life (BI) Computer data entry of clinical observation, using SPSS13.0 statistical software for data and analysis to establish baseline data analysis using single factor analysis of variance; before and after treatment groups and within groups before and after using spherical test, repeated measures analysis of variance; drawing using SPSS15.0 professional statistical software.ResultsThe majority of patients were male, accounting for 61%, and more concentrated in the age of 70 years of age, accounting for 58%. In Chinese medicine point of entry, indicating the fundamental causes of stroke is the product loss in the internal injury, in this based on the complex because of work and rest easy faulty, the delight fail, alcohol trigger satiation or invasion of exogenous pathogens, causing imbalance in Yin and Yang organs, blood With gas inverse, liver Yang Chang, the wind rotating, clip clip sputum fire, cross channeling, in turn, deceive God awakened, and hair disease. In addition, we can see the three time enema group differences, NIHSS, BI at admission time, hospital admissions a week and two weeks a difference between the three time points (ie P<0.05); the two groups NIHSS, BI are as three different time change (ie, P<0.05); and enema and between non-enema, NIHSS, BI was statistically significant (ie P<0.05), note grouping factors played a role, that played a role enema. Using SPSS15.0 professional statistical software, and non-enema groups of NIHSS, BI score charting. Although the two groups of patients suggest the time of admission NIHSS, BI gap between the large, but after enema treatment, the final NIHSS, BI recovered well, and close to the treatment group without enema. Therefore, we believe that enema recovery of neurological function in stroke patients have significant effect.Conclusions:Purging the issue logic, they do in the past with oral medicine for the treatment of spindle, but other methods of governance to reflect:Compound rhubarb retention enema irrigation treatment of acute cerebral infarction, lead in fact to pass heat leak for the evil standard, by their evil out of this principle-based, with drastic measures, direct violence against the air-off, compress blood, accessible blood, get rid of evil have a way out, emergency Xiacun Yam, to prevent dried off function, prevent disease development, reduce complications and speed recovery time and improve quality of life and achieved better results. Clinical use and has reliable for clinical use.

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