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The Evolution of Traditional Chinese Medicine Education in the Republic of China Time

Author GeYanPing
Tutor LiJian
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Of Chinese Medicine
Keywords Medical Education History Traditional Chinese Medicine Guang Dong Republican History History of Education History of Medicine
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Republic of China Time is a critical history of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) in the period, Republic of China Time government has introduced "Gui Chou school system" so that the people who work in TCM recognize the urgent modernization and the need for rows of TCM education, they gradually change the background of TCM practitioners avenue, and ultimately change the mainstream mode of transmission in TCM. Throughout TCM history of education in the Republic of China Time, in addition to the historical background as the subject of Chinese workers in order to survive the fight, and increasingly become the modernization mainstream intellectual consensus, also include people who work in TCM on how to set up TCM core has retained and adapt to the times of TCM education and debate, and how to debug the actual process of running both the exploration and practice. In fact, many scholars have previously Debate on TCM and the abolition of both the words and moves, as well as political and cultural background of many aspects of the in-depth study, while the initial trigger of this long-running debate in the Republic of TCM education itself, and the Republic of China Time explore the TCM education and practical experience on the set up of the Chinese People’s Republic of education, insufficient attention to the profound impact, resulting in the modern history of TCM is an important link in the blank.Republic of exploration and practice of TCM education, showing a fracture of TCM thinking and continuous transmission co-exist, and profound impact on subsequent educational practice. On the one hand, TCM education in the Republic of China Time gradually changed radically the traditional mode of transmission in TCM, such as the introduction of significant modern Western school system and teaching content in the curriculum in settings of Western medicine, so far-reaching impact of these changes, which since the founding of the PRC mainstream model of education in TCM, although there is still repeated in different periods. After the founding of new China, the Government has started Universities of TCM, those schools conducted controversy about TCM and Western curriculum proportional to decades of debate, the period of adjustment only with Government forces, because a different orientation of TCM education guidelines reflect the dispute between, and its ideological roots can be traced back to the Republic of China Time. On the other hand, the transmission of many elements of TCM does not completely die with the changing times. As the traditional division mode are still widespread even today, although the Chinese medicine industry has already entered the Internet age, especially in the Republic of China Time. If we want to search for the causes of these phenomena, it must go back to the Republic of TCM education historical environment, only to find real answers.Guangdong is the early start of modern Chinese education’provinces, is also characteristic of modern Chinese provinces of school. The topics proposed to the Republic of China in Guangdong Province, for TCM education in the evolution of this phase of the various elements of research and study, to further clarify the TCM education and the abolition of the dispute between the organizers of modern TCM education, the school guidelines controversy and its impact on the concrete practice of schools, modern TCM education is how to adapt to the times, becoming a more profound understanding of contemporary TCM education itself.This paper is divided into four sections, on the Republican history of Guangdong TCM education.The introduction section on previous scholars on TCM education of the Republic on results of research conducted retrospective, as far as possible a comprehensive system, and the introduction of this thesis research methods, content, and the study path statement in detail.The first chapter from the time dimension in Republic of China Time Guangdong TCM education does a general grasp. In order to study the convenience of the Republic of China Time Guangdong, TCM higher education is divided into three historical periods to commence:furiously period of development:1912-1926; the climax of the TCM school was founded in the period:1927-1937; adversity of depression era figure:1937-1949. Chapter II of the Republic of China Guangdong TCM specific practice and implied where the education on research for analysis. To explore the Chinese heritage and Chinese education in this important change took place during the historical and cultural background, indicating that the exploration and practice of Chinese medicine education during the historical importance of the establishment of the People’s Republic of Chinese education.The third chapter is discussing the problem of Prospect. The author tries to modern Chinese history, ideology and culture history of the evolution of the angle of discussion about this issue, exploration Republic of TCM education many influential factors of change of the thought and its historical inevitability. And compared with the modern TCM education, the developments of education in contemporary TCM provide some reference.

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