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Dielectric etching equipment performance improvement research

Author JinYiBo
Tutor HuangYiPing
School Fudan University
Course IC Engineering
Keywords Production performance The performance of the process Electrostatic chuck Dielectric etch Advanced Process Control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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IC manufacturing greatly dependent on the input of the semiconductor equipment. With a large diameter wafer size, precision equipment and the improvement of the degree of automation, equipment total investment in chip manufacturing enterprises to grow exponentially, equipment depreciation burden also increased dramatically. Currently, the cost of equipment depreciation and maintenance costs have been accounted for the largest share of the total cost of the chip. So the device can achieve the maximum utilization of production equipment to improve the production performance (Uptime) the biggest factor in determining the chip cost. In this paper, a 300mm copper interconnect dielectric etch process to enhance etching equipment production performance from the following six aspects solve hardware failure, optimization of process parameters. 1 used regularly optimize the electrostatic electric parameter method and electrostatic electric endpoint detection technology to solve the The the etching equipment electrostatic chuck discharge anomalies and improve the stability of the device hardware, extend the service life of the electrostatic chuck of more than 80%. 2. Hydrogen nitrogen reduction assisted cleaning technology to solve the the copper interconnect silicon nitride diffusion barrier layer etching rate instability problems. The results show that the indicators of the etch mechanism process performance management (CPK) have been greatly improved. Contrast etching reaction chamber yttria the coating (Y203) and anodic film coating different coating materials, which studied the internal particle contamination problems in the etching reaction chamber, the results show that using yttria can significantly reduce the reaction chamber particle contamination. The application of advanced process control (APC) technology to achieve a strict control of the critical dimension of the etched groove width and depth to improve the consistency of the process of the reaction chamber, to achieve the purpose to improve equipment performance. 5. By optimized etching equipment maintenance program to extend the maintenance cycle of the reaction chamber (MTBC), and reduce the time and improve the success rate of cleaning and maintenance to improve the the etching equipment of production performance of preventive maintenance. Application system legislation governing the stability of the device parameters, device parameter management system (IEMS) and fault detection system (FDC), improved ability to detect equipment failure, and provides direction to resolve equipment failures and data support. The results of this study show that the above techniques to reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment maintenance cycle, improve the performance of the production of copper interconnect dielectric etching equipment, results also improved the stability of the etching process, reduce the etching process particulate pollution, improve the production yield.

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