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Understanding of the Ecofeminist Spirit on the Color Purple

Author WangYaWen
Tutor CuiMingLu
School Northwestern University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords The Color Purple Ecofeminism Ecological crisis Dualism Patriarchy Anthropocentrism Harmonious society
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The papers from the eco-feminist perspective of African American women writers Alice Walker's masterpiece \wrote in the arduous process of black women to fight for equal rights in the shattered body chains. Reveals homology in the dual system of patriarchal regime, human plundering of the natural environment and male oppression of women. Binary system have - human / nature, male / female, mind / body - the former over the latter, ecofeminism committed to subvert this dual system of patriarchal thinking, the male to female slavery from human for natural slavery began. Among African American women writers, Walker is known for their creative thinking deep. \As things very clear, Walker is a qualified ecological feminist writer. Walker is trying to balance loving, healthy ecosystems applied to solve the issues of gender and racial discrimination. Should dominate the world of love, equality and harmony, the love between man and woman, equality and harmony between humans and nature, complete, and not a race, a gender, or a class. Race and the survival of the whole world, harmony and perfection is the women's ideals, which is in fact an eco-feminist concept of the humanities, to build and promote female culture as one of the fundamental way to solve the ecological crisis. Walker proposed only subvert gender order is the key to the liberation of black women from the eco-feminist perspective. Her attention is focused on how black women at the same time achieve economic independence in harmony with the male. Sincere and frank relationship between people, people who love life, reverence for life and nature. Between people, between men and women is a real equality, respect for women by men and compassionate, real spiritual regression. This depends not only on the tireless efforts of all women, but also needs the active participation of men. The thesis is divided into five chapters: The first chapter introduces the origins and ideas of ecofeminism, representatives and their masterpiece; comments for Alice Walker and his literary masterpiece, \, the nature and the position of women in a patriarchal binary system have suffered from the heroine in the works and sister revealed that women and nature are patriarchal binary system have the victim; Chapter III discusses \eco-feminist ideology, from the work of the people reveal Alice Walker's eco-feminism consciousness; Chapter advocated the establishment of a harmonious world, can be found in the works, only human beings and nature, men and women live together in peace humanity to build a harmonious home. The final chapter concluding section emphasized by Alice Walker, eco-feminist ideas, subvert the two-tier system of women oppressed status, natural to the healthy and orderly development.

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