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The Preview Effect in Pattern Recognition

Author CuiJuLi
Tutor CaoLiRen
School Zhejiang University
Course Basic Psychology
Keywords Pattern Recognition Preview effect Familiarity Color consistency
CLC TP391.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Preview search paradigm founded by Watson and Humphreys (1997) in recent years to study visual priority selection mechanism, if the two presented DISTRACTOR visual search, then the distractors were presented for the first time will be effective filtration improve search performance, this phenomenon is called Preview effect. Previous studies mainly familiar letters or numbers, materials, and familiarity are important factors affect the search. In order to verify whether the preview effect is a universal cognitive phenomena, this study, experimental materials, graphics standard preview search paradigm Preview effects systematically investigated the pattern recognition, and to further explore its produce cognitive mechanisms. The study is divided into three sections four experiments: a preview of the effect in the first part of the study of rules pattern recognition. Experiment 1A and Experiment 2 control the color consistency of old and new objects, the results showed that: (1) When the new, the old object color inconsistencies, preview, search speed significantly faster than the Complete Works of search, is close to a half-set baseline search efficiency, the old object number of the main effect is not significant, appeared a full preview effect; (2) when the new, the old object color consistent, preview search speed significantly with the fast in the Complete Works of search, but slow in the half-set baseline, and the main effect of the old object number of significant forward produced only a partial preview effect. Description of the color information in the preview search plays a key role, relying solely on the \A preview of the effect in the second part of the curve pattern recognition. In order to further explore If no color clues Preview effect occurs, experiment 3, the old and new object colors remain consistent results found: preview search speed is faster than the Complete Works baseline, close to the half-set baseline search; the number of old and new objects, effects are significant, but the reaction was faster with the growth in the number of new objects change, appears only a preview effects. Once again proves that the loss of color cue only rely on \The third part of the study irregular pattern recognition Preview effect. Experiments using irregular polygons, and the graphic shape of old and new objects of the same color, has rendered graphics part, aimed at exploring the old object reproduce the new object will affect the search performance. But after the investigation found, almost did not notice the overlap of the two experimental results are generally the same curve graphics experiments preview effects, just due to the complexity of the rules graphics, the overall rise in the reaction time. With the familiar reduced preview effect weakened. In this study, the development and validation of foreign Preview effect theory explains the effect size of several factors affect preview principle, to deepen the understanding of the human visual search, not only confirms the universality of the preview effect also on web design, search operations have practical significance.

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