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Effect of Ultra High Pressure Treatment on Vibrio Parahaemolyticus and Its Application in Surimi Products

Author HangZuoZuo
Tutor JiangYueMing;LiJianRong
School Zhejiang Technology and Business University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Extra high voltage Vibrio parahaemolyticus Model Fish balls Storage stability
CLC TS254.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Aquatic common pathogenic bacteria - Vibrio parahaemolyticus as the object of study, and study the impact of the high pressure treatment of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, explore the major cause of death of microorganisms ultrahigh pressure. The force model of the bacterial cell membrane under pressure, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the study of microbial high pressure lethal mechanism. Turn as the research object to surimi products, fish balls, to carry out the feasibility study of the fish ball pressure sterilization process, and ultra-high pressure storage stability of the treated fish balls were studied. The specific conclusions are as follows: high pressure treatment of Vibrio parahaemolyticus mortality, cell ultrastructure, membrane permeability, cell ATP activity, to provide a basis to explore microbial high pressure lethal mechanism. 300MPa and above the pressure treatment, the fatality rate of up to 100% of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. High pressure treatment bacterial cell morphology caused significant damage and destruction of the high-level structure of the bacterial membrane protein had a greater impact on the bacterial cell membrane permeability, causing the loss of inorganic salts and inclusions. The ultra-high pressure causes the bacterial cell membrane the ATP enzyme inactivation, resulting in the death of the bacteria. Studies have shown that the bacterial cell membrane damage is the main reason for the UHP lethal microbes. Membrane under high pressure mechanical model to explain some biological phenomena cell membrane under high pressure through the model analysis, provide a theoretical basis for the study of the lethal mechanism of microbial high pressure. The bactericidal effect of ultra-high pressure processing of fish balls, a single factor and orthogonal test. The results showed that the three factors affecting the effect of pressure sterilization order was: gt; pressure a collaborative temperature gt; pressure holding time. The optimum conditions: the operating pressure 400MPa, dwell time 5min, a synergistic temperature 30 ° C. Under this condition, the total number of colonies 620cfu / g, coliform counts the lt; 30MPN/100g, fungal and yeast all lethal pathogens were not detected. The storage stability of the high pressure treatment of fish balls. The ultra-high pressure processing of fish balls shelf life of up to 49 days at 0 ℃, whiteness, elastic little change throughout the storage period, after 30 days of storage hardness increase. High-pressure processing of samples in refrigerated 30 days before the pH changed little late storage declined. TVB-N and TBA values ??were not significantly increase. That high pressure treatment can extend the shelf life of surimi-based products at the same time improve its quality.

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