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Roast of Oat Grain and Extrusion of Oat Flour

Author NingGengZhe
Tutor ShiJunLing;WeiYiMin
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Oat Flour Frying Extruded Product quality evaluation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Oats not only nutritious but also has special health benefits . Oat processing technology in China is low, the secondary low utilization rate of the flour . Dissertation field research analysis critical control point in our traditional oat flour milling process , the frying process of oat grain flour characteristics ; study the extrusion process and oat flour , oats squeeze pressure extruded product quality evaluation methods and operating parameters on product quality , optimizing the extrusion process conditions . The main results obtained in the study are as follows : ( 1 ) investigation and analysis of the frying process in oat milling process plays a key role , not only affects the oat milling characteristics , but also affect the the secondary processing quality of oat flour . Traditional frying process a larger impact on the fat content in oats , less impact on crude protein and crude fiber content ; frying process to reduce the oat flour starting gelatinization temperature , improve the stability of the thermal paste and cold paste retrogradation . (2) the far infrared Chaozhi with traditional frying process oat grain characteristics : frying , oat grain bulk density decreased slightly liters on the crude protein content , appropriate frying conducive to improving oat flour yield , but frying is not enough or frying excessive but will reduce the flour yield . With Grains L * value can be determined as a frying quality standards . The far infrared Chaozhi as the the traditional frying technology of alternative technologies . ( 3 ) in the evaluation of oat extruded product quality traits , the coefficient of variation greater than 5% a *, friability , hardness , water solubility index , puffing rate ; coefficient of variation of less than 5.00% quality traits and coefficient of variation qualitative traits of more than 5 % of one or more indicators of the presence of a significant correlation ; evaluation of pure oat flour extruded products quality traits weight : expansion rate 21 % * 26 % 27% of the crispness and hardness of 26 %. (4) The univariate and quadratic orthogonal rotation combination test design test results show that oat quality extruded products with the extrusion temperature , moisture content of materials , feed rate and screw speed increase was the first increase downward trend , the optimal production conditions : extrusion temperature of 161 ° C , 20% of the material moisture , feed rate 43g/min screw speed 162r/min .

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