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Third-party payment companies and other commercial organizations to win-win model

Author MaZhiQiang
Tutor GuoWeiDong
School Capital University of Economics
Course Business Administration
Keywords The third-party payment Commercial bank Online banking Competition Cooperation Relationship
CLC F724.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In today’s Internet age, the rapid development of e-commerce to make us realize the convenience of daily working and life, which is behind the hero:the third party payment is definitely another sunrise industry attracting us, which to demand large, rapid growth and innovative applications are vast and so the concerns of all parties, of course, there are something behind this, revenue model, business development, policy and monitoring, in-depth cooperation with commercial banks, and competition with commercial banks, license issuance, and so a series of problems to be studied and discussed in depth, making the research for this industry has become very attractive.Need to recognize that the current third party payment industry in China is still in the initial stage of market development, third-party payment companies in the dependency model is undergoing a painful period of transformation, business development is a very high speed from the start the two dimensions of breadth and depth has been gradually from Taobao, PaiPai and other large e-commerce tools to develop into our daily lives can greatly facilitate the platform, people have started to stay at home to complete water, electricity, gas, telecommunications and other public utilities to pay fee, the platform can be quickly completed through the hotel, airline tickets, train tickets reservation, to facilitate the safe completion of this platform traded funds, credit card payments and other financial services, business expansion of these features, the company’s long-term development for third parties laid a good foundation.The rapid development of third-party payment industry, with which our policy is closely related to regulatory and policy preferences, the policy is lagging behind, the increasingly strengthening supervision, for this industry, protect the healthy development, and to some extent, will affect the industry direction and development of healthy levels.The rapid development of new industries, will face competitors of all sizes within the industry, as well as the potential from outside the industry and dominant competitors, third-party payment companies are faced with this situation, which is particularly its relationship with major commercial banks, third-party payment service needs of the smooth development of the deepening of its cooperation with commercial banks, online banking and commercial banking business development and expansion of CUP rapid progress with its natural advantage in third-party payment services, third-party B2B/B2C pay to pay the company’s own business expansion, which are caused by a third-party payment companies and commercial banks who rely on close cooperation between the competition can not be reconciled, and with the expansion of new channels, this trend will become more apparent and prominent. This article is from the research in the new Internet environment, third-party payment companies changes in survival mode, profit model, business development starting in-depth analysis to carry out extensive business needs of its dependent ecosystems/partner, how to further cooperation with them, and objective and scientific analysis by third-party payment companies and commercial banks in the coexistence of cooperation and competition conditions, their respective development strategies adopted, the impact on how the two sides, which caused both sides of the relationship, and we will be through the objective analysis, given the two sides competing in this relationship strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are nothing.While we come to add long-term and broad, you can clearly see that mobile Internet and network convergence with the gradual push, mobile payment and television rapidly growing demand for payment, which third-party payment companies, expand the channels must be a good thing, will bring more extensive user base, will bring more innovative payment services, the industry must face a new round of development, but also open new channels, but also will bring a large number of competitors outside the industry, including mobile operators, radio and television operators will have a large number of companies targeting this market, adding to the fray in the past. In the text we will pay the Company on third-party channels and how to deal with this emerging power of adding new analysis and judgments are given.The key point is that in this environment, relationships, and the development trend of the next step, the third-party payment companies and commercial banks should take what are the strategies and actions, which is the focus of this study, with my experience and accumulation, I will give some practical suggestions, to help the parties in such a socialist market environment, this stalemate in the struggle, the more harmonious and healthy development continue.

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