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Research on Technological Innovation Diffusion in Service Outsourcing Industrial Clusters

Author JiangDongRui
Tutor TianJian
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Business management
Keywords Diffusion of Technological Innovation Service outsourcing Industrial clusters Cluster Life Cycle
CLC F719
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic and national service outsourcing industry continue to increase efforts to support China's service outsourcing industry in international outsourcing surge in demand and domestic service outsourcing enterprises matures premise rapid development of service outsourcing market remains forward to an annual average of more than 50% of the speed of high-speed growth. IDC expects China's offshore outsourcing market will reach $ 8.95 billion by 2012. At present, the domestic enterprise specializing in service outsourcing nearly 20,000, and the formation of the five service outsourcing industry base in Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an. In order to better promote the development of the industry, China approved 20 cities of Beijing and other Chinese service outsourcing demonstration cities, and the pilot cities to implement a series of encouragement and support measures. Service outsourcing industry cluster to cluster, different from the general sense of the presence of significant technology spillover phenomenon in the service outsourcing industry the Employer's advanced technology enterprises through technology spillover. In today's social enterprise competitive circumstances, enhance the technical level, improve the technological innovation capability of enterprises to accelerate technological innovation diffusion speed has become an important source companies gain a competitive advantage in the cluster, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the cluster. Research service outsourcing enterprises technological innovation diffusion this article from the point of view of the life cycle of industrial clusters, in practice in the development of technical innovation diffusion strategy for the industrial groups to obtain the advantages of technological innovation diffusion, as far as possible to avoid some of their own disadvantage, improve the efficiency of technological innovation and enhance technological innovation capabilities provide a new way. Articles found in various stages of enterprise technology innovation diffusion different service outsourcing industry cluster growth process. In the bud stage, technological innovation diffusion is not obvious, the lack of the power of innovation diffusion; stages of growth, due to the pursuit of super-normal profits of the new technology brings, cluster enterprises competing follow-up imitation of technology diffusion of technological innovation is the most obvious; in mature stage, the performance of the enterprise is the largest number of diffusion of innovation, continuous innovation diffusion phenomenon significantly; in the final stages of the recession, technological innovation diffusion capacity declining due to dependence on external technology and clustering enterprise itself inert, until exhaustion; if cluster the metamorphosis stage, technological innovation diffusion capacity will be gradually recovering. Based on the characteristics of the various stages in the growth stage and maturity of industrial clusters, aimed at consolidating and control points were established game model, discuss the path payment service outsourcing enterprises wait for spillover in the mature stage, independent innovation, technology transactions and technical cooperation, to get enterprises to enhance their technological level, to improve the ability of technological innovation diffusion, and finally to the service outsourcing industry cluster in Nanjing High-tech Development Zone, for example, in accordance with its current development status, strengths and weaknesses, and the conclusions of the game model, from the government, industry and enterprise levels, corresponding countermeasures, in order to better promote technology innovation and diffusion behavior of Nanjing High-tech Zone service outsourcing industry cluster, and to enhance the overall competitiveness of the cluster.

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