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With research on the the Japanese euphemism performance language

Author ZengZhangYu
Tutor LiuXuBao
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Japanese Linguistics
Keywords Euphemism Principles of cooperation Indirect speech acts Command Request Refuse
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Language as the carrier of culture, convey the thoughts and feelings of the people. Japanese is called ambiguous language, because there are a lot of Japanese euphemism. And we also know that Japan is a sequence of social, people adjust their speech and action, depending on the sequence position Euphemism also affected. The Euphemism Japanese a significant feature of lubricant called language in their daily lives. Through the use of euphemistic expression in the expression of a variety of semantics can not damage each other face, the exchanges become more harmonious and smooth. Japanese euphemism expression in various forms, rich semantics. Caused widespread concern for Japanese learners and researchers. In recent years, Chinese language from a linguistic point of view of the euphemistic expression analysis studies. In China, Euphemism many manifestations, constitute a means of research, and achieved certain results. However, through the analysis of the prior studies, we found that the the euphemistic expression studies more overall study from which means and manifestations angle. Pragmatic Approach to specify the euphemistic expression in the form of semantic research represents less. To correctly understand the euphemistic expression should not only from the formal from the pragmatic science point of view to understand. So as to achieve an accurate understanding of the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings. Therefore, it is necessary to study Pragmatic Approach to Euphemism manifestations. This article is divided into four parts to be discussed: the first chapter of the first study its problems, the research significance, research positions. The second chapter on the origin and definition of Euphemism Euphemism pragmatics characteristics Euphemism context. Third chapter the theoretical basis of this article - the principles of cooperation and indirect speech act theory, and their relationship Euphemism \. And combined with the psychological state the vertical social characteristics and socio-cultural analysis of the Japanese use of euphemistic expression. Pragmatic Approach semantic difference between a \The fourth chapter is a summary of the full text and on the future research topics. In short, Euphemism has its flexibility as a dynamic means of expression, the actual language applications, according to different contexts, the utterance of the same. As a theory of pragmatics research, the principles of cooperation and indirect speech act theory is the study of the science of language use and language understanding. This article is standing on the stance of both trying to deep-level analysis of the euphemistic forms of expression, in order to get some valuable conclusions.

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