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Comparison of Daily Greetings in Chinese and Japanese

Author KangLe
Tutor TaiYangShun
School Hebei University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Greeting Contrast Language Culture
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of information and the globalization of economy, intercultural communication enjoys a great importance. Without communication, the human beings cannot exist, which depends greatly on linguistic communication. When learning a language, human beings firstly come into contact with the greetings, which is an indispensable part of communication.When communicating with the foreigners, the success of communication is derter mined by the adequate use of greetings. The greetings vary from culture to culture, so the contrast and study of daily greetings are colsely related to the cultures.Chian and Japan are both Chinese Cultural sphere, but there are some similarities and differences about their daily greetings. Through the analysis of these similarities and differences, you can peep the cultures of each country. Form the ancient times, Chian and Japan are friendly neighbors and they have a wide range of cultural exchanges. Chinese culture influences Japanese culture greatly, so it is easy to find traces of Chinese culture when Japanese culture is explored. But Japan also has over two-thousand-years history and its particular culture. Therefore, it becomes very important to study the characteristics of Japanese culture and the differences between Japanese and Chinese. Then, this thesis, through the comparation and contrast of the Chinese and Japanese greetings, makes an attempts to study the linguistic and cultural differences between Chinese and Japanese.This thesis consists of three parts. The first part is a brief intraduction, which concludes the research motivation, aims and significance and described the domestic and aborad study, the new viewpoints and difficulties of the thesis.The second part is the main body, which is made up by the first, second, third and forth chapter. The first two chaptergs is the brief introduction of language, culture and greeting. The third chapter views the culture from the daily greetings and makes contrast and analysis about greetings from the perspetive of history and greography, attention perspestives, aesthetic consciousness, in terpersonal relationship and psychological feelings. The forth chapter is about the differences and similarities of Chinese and Japanese greetings.The third part is the corclusion of the thesis, the author points out the limitation of this thesis, and calls for more efforts and a further study of this topic.Through the contrast about Chinese and Japanese greatings and analysis of characteristics and cultural background of the two languages, the communication is conducted successfully by the correct use of daily greetings. The Chinese and Japanese greetings are relevant to its particular cultures. The expolration the difference and understanding the cultural background play an important role on the cultural exchanges enhance the international exchanges.

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