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Economic Effects and Development Measures Research of Tourism in Qinghai

Author BaiYuFen
Tutor ShiHuiChun
School Northwest Normal University
Course Human geography
Keywords Qinghai Province Economic effects Tourism industry Input-output Analysis Measures
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Tour is no longer a few rich activities, but one of the broad masses of the social and economic activities, the world tourism has entered a rapid of development since the 20th century 50s. Particularly in the late 1990s, the tourist trade has become a world economic development in the industry. The tourism economy has developed into a high value-added and high employment, foreign exchange and effectiveness of new industries and tourism in the world economy and international economic development occupies an increasingly important position, more and more tourist destination is taking measures to pass the development of tourism to revive the local economy. We discuss the relation and function between the development of tourism and regional economic growth, the aim is to research the function and function with mechanism from tourism to the increasing of region economy fundamentally.Qinghai unique geographical position to decide its natural beauty pageant and mellowness, the himalchuli, plateau, the canyon, basin, lakes, wetlands and plains and the gobi desert are Interlaced distribution, and the scenery in the primitive brain, in gruff, pure, mysterious. In addition, there are many historical and cultural perfect survival and folk. There are many ancient of Stone age with old and new; many religious buildings ;relics and monuments of cultural;animals and religious rock painting; melodious folk song "flowers", large and the Tibetans, lyrical beautiful folk dance of national To such as‘anzhao’,‘nadun’; Folk buddhism with plastic "warm tribute art," tibetan thangkas art of "scroll painting ", flower art suyou;unique folk embroidery and so on in Qinghai. In recent years the government house to make resources advantages to the economic advantage and took a series of measures to develop tourism of Qinghai, so that the tourism economic development as a leading role and making the tourism industry will become the pillar industries in Qinghai. But it lacks the relative research, especially such problems like how much tourism creates income and employment for regional economy, and related degree with other industries, and tourism sustainable development have not been solved yet. In view of this, the first is the use of the national and international travel economic effects of this research and other related subjects knowledge, for the economic effects of the system theory on the analysis and economic effect on tourism and related theory to explore ;Then stay in Qinghai, analysis tourism economic effects on paper use tourism multiplier theory, Input-output model and regression analysis, etc, and established the tourism industry position and role. Believe that the solution to development of tourism and promote economic development and community employment have some reference value, of theory and practice for the economic base is relatively weak and have abundant tourism resources of the Qinghai.According to the result of the study above, the writer finds out the Qinghai tourism foreign exchange and employment effect are not obvious, but there was growing trend, and there is a great space for development. Tourism should take the initiative in developing pattern ;because of tourism to promote greater than the economy by economic development in the simulative impact ;Increased investment for tourism, it will greatly promote the development of the Qinghai. In order to fully display direct and related industrial impetus function in the Qinghai Province economy form the tourism, this paper proposes policy suggestion to optimize the travel cost structure, Strengthen the enterprise with the overall economic associated degree, propell industrial mix and implement the strategy of industrial winding, expand financing channels, Open market players, prominent feature of tourist products development, improve the public service system and the quality of tourism practitioners.

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