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Social Welfare Services of Pension Mode Selection and System Reconstruction in China

Author FanWenJuan
Tutor ZhuShiQun;LiYuanXing
School Anhui University
Course Sociology
Keywords Pension Welfare Service Socialization Mode selection System Reconstruction
CLC D669.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The research refers to the old-age welfare services are under the auspices of the government for the elderly targeted public services, provide services for the elderly non-profit service. With the rapid development of population aging, old-age welfare service system in China has entered into an important feature of social reconstruction phase, the Western social welfare benefits of privatization and other new concepts and practice of welfare reform in China has played an exemplary role, specialization has become a social welfare policy development and practical operation of the main destination, non-profit organizations in the social old-age service system plays a crucial role.In this study, based on the theory of multiple welfare perspective, welfare services that old-age properties of public goods, followed by description from a historical perspective the development of China’s old-age welfare systems, traditional pension benefits will supply model as the "family→unit→Government" combination of the remaining models. With the development of market economy and social structure changes, pension rising demand, China’s growing economic strength, elderly social welfare by the "residual-style" to "Pratt & Whitney-style" change inevitable. After the pension reform, welfare services, the supply of multi-mode toward the direction of integration, the way in service, from single service to expand to the diversification of services; service life of nursing care by a single step by step to health rehabilitation, medical services, entertainment, diversification of services, such as changes in the spirit of consolation; In the service object, the object from the traditional relief to all elderly people develop; in the service content, supplied by the type of material concern to the spirit of the model development; investment channels, funded by the government dominated by a single technology to expand the diversity of social forces to participate. And then in Shanghai, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, and Dalian, and pension benefits system based on empirical research, summarized four major pension services to the community of supply, compared to classify the various models, that the advantages and disadvantages of various models. The view that non-governmental organizations rely on the government to buy services, pension benefits due to the introduction of a non-profit service organizations to participate, to a certain extent, change the monopoly supply of public services, the promotion of civil society organizations to achieve growth and enhance the use of budgetary resources efficient "win-win" goal should be a social welfare services of Pension target mode. And the pilot all over the country to civil society organizations to rely on the government to buy pension services, the problems in-depth analysis of that purchase to achieve the effect of pension services, pension services in the socialization process in the role of civil organizations and government departments of both comparative advantage, the key is to maintain civil society organizations in the service purchased in the independence and the establishment of mechanisms for open, competitive process, which requires government departments to strengthen the confidence of civil society organizations, civil society organizations to strengthen their capacities, and also need to improve relevant legal systems, summed up to government departments and civil society organizations to establish the contractual relationship, rather than administrative relations. Finally, according to the current old-age welfare service system in China exist in the pension services, the competition between the various subjects is unfair towards the for-profit retirement services industry in the direction of development and market operations, administrative management issues, from the guiding ideology, objective principles, Main content of policy thinking in terms of its social welfare services of pension system proposed macro-vision and to explore the issue further.

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