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Aesthetic Education in Science and Engineering University of Study of the Role of Moral Education

Author TianLi
Tutor LianYongJie
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Aesthetic education Moral education Science and Engineering students Development Status Thinking recommendations
CLC G649.712
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Aesthetic education as an important part of quality education deserves more attention in the university which is full of cultural atmosphere. However, its development is not as well as we expected, and there are also many imperfections. In many universities of our country, some students even some educators have a misunderstanding of the concept, connotation, meanin g and development path of aesthetic education. Aesthetic education as a harmonious education manner can perfect personality and improve people’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, it is very important to advocate such kind of education manner in the universities of science and e ngineering.Aesthetic education aims at cultivating students’abilities of feeling, performance, appre ciation, and creation and encouraging students to pursue the happiness and ideal of life. It is a n education manner which is based on emotional communication and integrates the knowledge , art, sports, ability, and communication with the education of psychological qualities. D ue to the subtle emotional experience, people’s mind can achieve a balanced and harmonious state and the personality can be perfected. Aesthetic Education has an effective influence on the development of the human mind, the cultivation of creativity, and the improvement of aesth etic capabilities. Aesthetics education which combines beauty and aesthetic appreciation with e ducation educates the educated people in a subtle way. People unconsciously improve the aesth etic sentiment and aesthetic sensibility and perfect personality. Under such circumstance, aest hetic education creates a harmonious relation among people and makes great efforts to the estab lishment of harmonious campus and society.Aesthetics is created by people in a long-term social practice. Fundamentally speaking, ae sthetic education aims at developing human’s aesthetic thinking. It is an educational activity wh ich can perfect personality and emphasize on the emotional experience and aesthetic experience Through a variety of educational methods, aesthetic education is able to develop personal cre ativity. This thesis mainly discusses the aesthetic education’s effects on students’ moral educatio n, clarifies that aesthetic education is not only the arts education but also the education and aw areness of scientific aesthetics in the process of teaching the students of science and engineering universities and proposes that aesthetic education should focus on the full development of hum an and self-improvement of personality. The unity of the purposes of moral education and aesth etic education can make the moral education more effective. Aesthetic education is the importan t part of moral education and plays an irreplaceable role in the moral education. Therefore, in this thesis, the author suggests that integrating the aesthetic education with the moral educatio n in science and engineering education.

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