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Cement concrete pavement panels Void and grouting method of governance

Author MaYanBing
Tutor XiangYangKai
School Chongqing Jiaotong University
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords Cement Concrete Pavement Void Radar Falling weight deflectometer Grouting material Flow properties
CLC U418.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Waited in vain for cement concrete pavements off disease , if not timely maintenance , conservation techniques are not standardized, the road will cause the rapid spread of disease , seriously affected the pavement life and safe operation of the vehicle . Therefore it is necessary for Cement Concrete Pavement empty control technology research , to enable effective governance Void , improve road road performance . The most advanced non-destructive testing equipment for the road falling weight deflectometer and pavement radar test system , study abroad is mainly based on these two devices Void method development and application . In this paper, the current commonly used method of determining Void basis of summing up by radar and FWD -site measurement of the angle method, deflection difference method and the determination method for the determination of GPR Void Detection accuracy comparison, the clip angle method is revised . And deflection difference method and the reasonable judgment plate angle ( plate side ) and the difference between the deflection plates . Engineering requirements grouting grouting material has strong liquidity , early strength , micro-expansion properties, and flow properties of mortar after curing their durability, strength and mechanical properties of such a great impact. Firstly, starting from the flow properties of mortar for analysis, consider the water-cement ratio , sand -cement ratio , superplasticizer , fly ash on mortar flow performance, and through trial and mortar cube compressive shrinkage performance test proposed the grouting material mixing ratio range and unreasonable for the road drainage system proposed alterations opinions. Board governance concrete slab grouting is an effective method of void , the paper FWD and GPR system for concrete pavement was tested , made ​​of cement concrete pavement Void methods ; launched a mortar consistency, strength and other test, combined with theoretical research results presented mortar mix , grouting and void test point method, the grouting works have a certain guiding significance.

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