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Research on Characteristics of Circumfluence in Zhoushan Liuheng Island

Author ZhouMeiZhen
Tutor YaoYanMing
School Zhejiang University
Course Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Keywords Zhoushan Liuheng Circumfluence Delft-3D Measurement Analysis Three-dimensional flow model Shear terrain
CLC TV148.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Water circulation is widely present in nature as a hydraulic phenomenon, in which its waters flow field characteristics of suspended material transport, the evolution of the terrain, coastal biological growth environment has a significant impact, thus causing the concern of many scholars, its formation, development and characteristics of some research. This paper chooses Liuheng waters near the island of Zhoushan sea area as a research, based on existing terrain data, combined with the waters of the northeast coastal hydrology Liuheng measured data, a preliminary analysis of the situation Liuheng nearshore circulation. Then using the Delft-3D software FLOW module, Liuheng waters near the northeastern side of the three-dimensional numerical simulations, a good model in the verification, based on the combination of the measured results of the analysis are discussed Liuheng nearshore circulation features. Experimental results showed that the small island caused by tangential terrain there was obvious mutations with transverse circulation phenomenon tide basic clockwise circulation time, low tide was counterclockwise. Underwater topography mutation obvious areas, circulation phenomenon is more obvious, rapids moment circulation intensity greater than neap tide, while the rest flows hours neap tide longer than the duration of circulation. In addition, up nearly anxious moments in the A section near the bottom slope break belt, open flow time in the nearshore waters are present plane circulation, carved open up more obvious, especially in the high tides. Regional vertical circulation is not obvious. Modulus calculations that: in Liuheng slope break zone and near the small island caused by the terrain mutation tangential circulation with the more obvious phenomena exist, they along with cyclical changes in hydrodynamic conditions to generate, develop and die. Rapids moment circulation basically stable at slope break near the open flow periods circulations time is about 0.5-2 hours, usually in shallow water side generated demise in deep side, circulation sphere of influence around the 130-700m; circulation direction from high tide to low tide by clockwise turn counterclockwise; small tidal flow of time is relatively small rapids, recreation flow circulation period of relatively long duration, affecting a large range. Modulus results also show that open flow time, especially up recreation time, slope break near the plane circulation phenomenon is more obvious. Vertical circulation of waters is not obvious. Overall, from the measured data trend analysis and three-dimensional numerical simulation results are basically consistent circulation, the paper reflects more successful Zhoushan Liuheng nearshore circulation phenomenon.

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