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The Mechanism Research of Glucagon-like Peptide-1 in the Surgical Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Author GaoYanBing
Tutor WuHua
School Shanxi Medical
Course Surgery
Keywords Type 2 diabetes mellitus Animal experiments Streptozotocin Roux - en - Y stomach genetically stream surgery GLP-1
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Objective: To observe Roux-en-Y stomach bypass (GBP) on the the the the impact of of the the hypoglycemic effect of of the type 2 diabetic rats, and to explore the glucagon-like peptide--1 (GLP-1) in the the type 2 diabetes is in the surgical treatment of the mechanism. Methods: 1. The model Preparation of: the-month-old of June, the 160-180 grams of body weight a healthy male Wistar rats 50, adaptability rearing a week. Random grouping, 25 each-made module and non--made module. The non--made module give ordinary animal feed to, normal diet feeding 8 weeks. On the the-made module manufacturing the model of the the diabetic rats of the type 2, the specific method In order to give the high-sugar high-fat diet to feeding for 4 weeks, intraperitoneal injection of 1% a small dose of of streptozotocin (STZ) solution (30mg/kg, once a week, a total of two), and then to continue to give high-sugar high-fat animal feed rearing for 4 weeks, the last measured the rat tail vein blood sugar value gt; 13.6 mmol / L, elevated blood glucose stable 5 days for the the success of model, the model success of 23. 2. Grouping: non--made module were randomly divided into blank control group (1 group) and operation group (group 2), and createth the module were randomly divided into the-made module (3 group) and-made-mode surgery group (4 groups), each group (n = 10). The age of the month between the group in a each of of the preoperative is, in weight, fasting plasma blood glucose, the level of blood insulin, The average eating Cover Nil from from the was significantly of the sexual difference. 3. Interventions: 2 groups, 4 set of rows Roux-en-Y stomach genetically stream surgery, rats received a preoperative fasting 12h, with 0.5% pentobarbital sodium (50mg/kg) fixed on the operating after the the intra-abdominal injection of anesthesia units. Under sterile conditions, whichever is on the the middle of the abdomen The length of incision 3cm incision into the abdomen, closed the the distal stomach, cut off the jejunum in the from the Treitz ligament 10cm at the, the remote jejunum and the proximal end of my stomach and posterior wall of the and anastomosis my, the proximal jejunum away from the gastrointestinal to anastomotic remote 10cm line the jejunum end of to side anastomosis, postoperative averaging with normal saline wash the abdominal cavity, the abdomen was closed after the in the intra-abdominal instillation of gentamicin of twenty thousand units. 4. Detection method: on the to the rats in each group in the preoperative, respectively, postoperative the first 48 hours, the first 1 weeks, the 8th week when carried out corresponding indicators detection, rats were fasted for overnight, tail docking to take 1.5 ml of blood, the blood glucose meter detection blood glucose, and then was allowed to stand the the 30min rear-3000r/min centrifugal 15min, the serum the measured fasting insulin the value and GLP-1 was separated. Results: 1. Blood sugar: a 2-group of changes in blood sugar levels in the preoperative postoperative is relatively no statistical significance. 3 group of blood sugar levels in the the modeling, is after the success of to the the end of the experiment, at each time point-detected value comparison no obvious change in. In 4 groups of rats at the GBP of the line postoperative from the the first the l week of the blood sugar decline in with the previous from the have more statistically significant (P lt; 0.01), the blood sugar levels is lower than the same point-in-time-made module (3 groups) (P lt; 0.01) . 8 weeks after operation 4 group of blood sugar decreased more significantly, Compared with the a 3-group of of the same point-in-time blood sugar levels, there are a more obvious difference between the (P lt; 0.01). 2. Insulin: 3 group of rats the blood of insulin value in the postoperative the detected at each time point the basic remain stable, comparison between no statistical significance in the in each group. In 4 groups of rats fasting insulin value to one week after the to the at the GBP of the line ie, the the performance of increased, elevated by the the preoperative (28.98 ± 4.01) mIU / L to (40.12 ± 5.26) mIU / L (P lt; 0.05), in the 8 weeks after operation to rise to (58.12 ± 5.88) mIU / L (P lt; 0.05) .4 groups of rats blood fasting insulin levels in the postoperative 1 weeks, 8 weeks were higher than the the same point in time 3 groups, the results compare there are statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). 3. GLP-1 value, the blood of of the 1:3 group of rats of the glucagon-like peptide-in the postoperative the detected at each time point the basic remain stable, comparison between no statistical significance in the in each group. 4 group of rats GLP-1 value one week after the to the at the GBP of the line that is, the performance of increased, by the the elevated preoperative (7.08 ± 2.11) pmol / L to the (15.13 ± 3.19) pmol / L (P lt; 0.05), in the postoperative 8 weeks rose to (19.80 ± 3.39) pmol / L (P lt; in the postoperative 1 weeks, 8 weeks, the 0.05). GLP-1 value, .4 groups of rats blood were higher than the 3 group of of the same point-in-time, the results compare was statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). Conclusion: this experiment through artificial of rats were prepared the diabetic animal models of the type 2, confirmed that the Roux-en-Y stomach genetically stream surgery on the the type 2 diabetic rats blood sugar to has a a to improve the role. 2 set of models in the line the rats the blood glucose value of in the before and after the GBP surgery, the level of blood insulin, GLP-1 the level of no significant changes in. 4 group of rat model of fasting blood glucose value is determined by the (18.65 ± 0.75) mmol in the preoperative / L decline in to the the the first week of in the postoperative (10.19 ± 0.54) mmol / L (P lt; 0.01), in the the the eighth week of the postoperative basic drops to to the normal levels. This result Description GBP surgery on the type 2 diabetic rats has a certain degree of the lowering blood glucose the role of. The level of the blood of insulin in rats is also postoperative the first week of began to rise to the (40.12 ± 5.26) mIU / L, postoperative eight weeks the insulin value of further elevated the (P lt; 0.05), Description the diabetic rats of the The surgery on the type 2 the insulin secretion of the regulation of a certain role. GLP-1, postoperative rats were, levels were also a certain extent improved in the compared with the preoperative, to prompted to that the of GLP-1 may be elevated GBP surgery reduce the type 2 diabetic rats one of the mechanisms for an blood sugar,. Which will bring about GBP surgery to the treatment of the of the research of the with type 2 diabetes mechanism to provide a train of thought, for the future further research provide a theoretical basis.

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