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Study of High-Resolution Sequence of Jurassic Yanan Formation in the East of Ning Xia Province

Author MingJie
Tutor LiZengXue
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Paleontology and stratigraphy
Keywords Ningdong Yan'an Formation High resolution sequence stratigraphy Base level cycle Sedimentary facies
CLC P618.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The use of high-resolution sequence stratigraphy theory and methods , the full collection and collation of drilling cores , well logs information of the the Ningdong Yan'an group analysis and depositional systems division of the sedimentary characteristics of the system . Studies show that the Yan'an group goes through from the bottom to the meandering river depositional system - delta sedimentary system - meandering river depositional system , reflecting the Ordos Basin heyday developmental stages . Concentrating on the identification and comparison of high - resolution sequence boundaries of the study area Yan'an group analysis of high resolution sequence stratigraphic division and internal unit , the identification and comparison of the base-level cycle , to identify the short-period cycles in cycle cycle long-period cycles and long cycle cycle four, carved out of a long cycle cycles , four long-period cycles , 11 cycles cycles , as well as multiple short-period cycles . The study found that the long cycle of base-level cycles basin tectonic activity , the region can be correlated , in the cycle of base-level cycles influenced by local topography and source supply , local contrast . Also explore the Yan'an Formation high - resolution sequence stratigraphic framework of the study area, the sedimentary facies characteristics , the study found , the district sedimentary facies was EW , mainly by the sandy river skeleton , the silty river diffuse and muddy swamp , and provide good conditions for the development of the coal seam , the seam accumulation law by the accommodation space to increase or decrease the supply of provenance .

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