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The Study on Conceptual Model of Heterogeneity in Braided River Reservoirs

Author LiuJie
Tutor ChenCheng
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords Palogue oilfield Braided river Reservoir heterogeneity Conceptual model
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Reservoir heterogeneity is affecting one of the most direct factor in the process of oil and gas seepage and flooding, have a large impact on the distribution of its remaining oil. Palogue oilfield located Sudanese 3/7 Melut the northern part of the basin, and is currently in the field appraisal stage. Previous studies have shown that the oilfield reservoir is mainly based on the braided river dominated continental sedimentary formations, sand bodies, good physical properties, high porosity and permeability. This paper focuses on the evaluation of heterogeneity of the core purpose of the integrated use of sedimentology, petroleum geology, development geology, reservoir three-dimensional geological modeling theory and technology of Palogue oilfield Yabus Sand Formation reservoir layer between non- heterogeneity within the layer heterogeneity plane heterogeneity as well as micro-heterogeneity study area heterogeneous concepts on the basis of the basic geological research, the application of stochastic simulation methods, model, accurate, truthful, objective and reflect the reservoir heterogeneity characteristics of the study area. The study shows that the higher the porosity and permeability of the reservoir, and better properties, low coefficient of stratified, hierarchical poor, the heterogeneity weaker layer between each sand group, single the sand group within the sands between not generate interlayer interference the single sand within the scale of the whole oil-bearing strata, heterogeneity is more serious; within the layer, due to the complexity and a layer of randomly distributed staggered beddings sandwich affect the permeation rate anisotropy, heterogeneity of studies have shown that its layer mainly in medium; plane, the main study area single sand penetration is high, especially along the north-west - south east direction, amplitude, heterogeneity is weak, and the high degree of variability in the North East - West direction permeability, strong heterogeneity the sedimentary microfacies control reservoir heterogeneity of the important factors, the sedimentary microfacies plane spread and plane distribution of reservoir parameters have good correlation; Yabus sand group reservoir rock types, structural features, the type of pore throat and pore throat distribution characteristics analysis, believe that the the Yabus group reservoir generally has special high hole, special hypertonic, pore throat pore throat sorting poor characteristics of micro-heterogeneity of the reservoir as a whole more serious. FAL-1 fault block according to the characteristics of the study area, and all the information, select the key research block the use of Petrel 2007 modeling software, the establishment of a heterogeneous conceptual model Palogue oilfields, including sedimentary microfacies model, the mobile unit model The attribute model model (including porosity and permeability model), accurately reflect the characteristics of the study area reservoir heterogeneity, simulation results consistent with the geological understanding. Comprehensive Evaluation Based on the above studies, braided river Palogue oilfield reservoir heterogeneity on oilfield development are of great significance.

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