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The Status and Function of Feuerbach Philosophy During the Formation of the Marx Philosophy

Author SunYan
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School Henan University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Feuerbach philosophy Marx philosophy Feuerbach stage Feuerbach school
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Year 2010
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To study the Marxist philosophy,the Feuerbach philosophy is undoubtedly an important and unavoidable influencing factor, the relationship between Feuerbach philosophy and Marxist philosophy even becomes the focus of academic study. After reviewing the past 30 years’ research, I find there are mainly several divergences which can be generalized as follows: the argument on the Marxist philosophy "Feuerbach melts"or "the Feuerbach stage theory"; the argument on the Marx philosophy "non-Feuerbach melts" or "the non-Feuerbach stage theory";the argument on the Marx philosophy substantially surpasses Feuerbach philosophy. Based on the author’s intensive investigation, it can be concluded that the above viewpoint either excessively exaggerates the Feuerbach philosophy’s influence on the development of Marxist philosophy or obliterates the important influences of Feuerbach philosophy on the Marxist philosophy, both of them are biased or extreme and need further discussion. By study the development process of the Marxist philosophy, it can be concluded that for Marxist philosophy there were not a separate so-called Feuerbach stage and the Marxist philosophy had never become the pure Feuerbach school. Of course,we can not deny that the Feuerbach philosophy had once made a great impact on the Marx philosophy.In the past,people paid more attention to the influence of the perceptual philosophy critique Feuerbach philosophy on the Marx philosophy. Now I pay more attention to the inspection of Marx’s own thought and the practice preparation,the intrinsic difficulty and appeal of the development of theory, and the relationship between the critique method of Feuerbach philosophy and the angle of view. This article is composed of five parts. The first part mainly clarifies the several misunderstandings of the position and role of the Feuerbach philosophy in the development of Marx philosophy. From the previous arguments,we know that almost all scholars either maintain that there is a Feuerbach Marx stage or believe that Marx derived from Feuerbach philosophy. Their most powerful arguments are the saying of " as Feuerbach School"from Engels. However,I believe that the above saying can be explained as follows:First, Although Feuerbach had influence and inspiration on the Marx,we can not say "as Feuerbach School". Then (1841),Marx had not broken away from Hegel’s idealism completely. Second, the saying of "as Feuerbach School" only demonstrated the feeling of Engels for the Feuerbach philosophy and the popularity of the Marx. In the second part of this paper, we mainly analysize the theoretical dilemma for Marx when facing with the Irreconcilable conflict between the social facts and philosophic thinking. The dilemma was clearly reflected in Marx’s "Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy"and several other books. The young Marx was in a dilemma in the real struggle of material interests and had a "distressed question". He began to doubt the Hegel rational idealist philosophy and to do a critical analysis about Hegel’s philosophy and the political theory. The core contents of this paper consist of the third part and the fourth part. The third mainly judge the position of Feuerbach philosophy in the development of Marx philosophy. When Marx began to found his own philosophy,the method of reversing the subject and object in Feuerbach philosophy and the first introducing the concept of "people" was the most revolutionary. On the basis of the preparation of own thinking and practice,the theoretical development as well as the inherent dilemma and demands,Marx who was a acute person, effectively learned and adopted the philosophical criticism method of Feuerbach and perspective. What however are explicit,they choose are the different philosophy paths from the very beginning. Marx starts profits from the Feuerbach philosophy time,already realized his limitation and has surmounting. Displays in the Marx feasible theory orientation and the question territory and Feuerbach basic on different,Marx to the Feuerbach philosophy terminology critique quotation and so on. Therefore,to the beginning to finally,facing the Feuerbach philosophy,Marx has not lost the self-thought to become the Feuerbach faction completely, in fact, the Marx time is stands in own thought base carefully examines the Feuerbach philosophy the revolutionary nature and the limitation,carries on the unceasing distinction and the choices.In brief, we make the Marx philosophy the research, clears off the Feuerbach philosophy,in it forms the status and the function analysis and the research is very important,is also the unreadable theory way. This thesis clarifying, not only causes us has a quite objective clear understanding to between the Feuerbach philosophy and the Marx philosophy relations, moreover,we criticize in more importantly the relations which from Marx to the Feuerbach philosophy analysis and uses for reference,may further profoundly comprehend and study Marx to regard the question, the analysis question, to solve the question thought way and the candid spirit, by the time when the new times surges facing the complex thought that can accurately using the Marx philosophy unique see clearly the world thing the way and the method scientifically solves the problem.

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