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Soft rock steep slope landslide prediction Method

Author ChenLuLiang
Tutor FangYuanMin;RanQiFa
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Strength evaluation Mechanical parameter estimation Slope Deformation Prediction Slope stability analysis
CLC P642.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Open pit landslide prediction is an extremely complex and diverse problems in open pit slope stability analysis and slope forecasting process, mechanical calculation parameter selection is critical, especially in the high and steep slope system of soft rock the rock mass strength and reasonable evaluation, selecting appropriate calculation parameters for slope stability analysis and forecasting of slope deformation results great influence; open pit landslide forecasting techniques and rock mass strength evaluation is mine Xiaolongtan Bureau of the slope of the important issues, this thesis Buzhaoba help open pit North West Slope of the rock mass strength assessment, landslide prediction for the main contents of the key research and discussion, made the following aspects of the results: 1) analysis of rock mass parameters are summarized in this paper focuses on open-pit geological survey Buzhaoba report provides experimental data for the study of rock mechanics analytical basis, after analyzing and sorting found that the rock mechanical parameters (angle of internal friction and cohesion ) tangent to obey the exponential distribution is too. Application of the method of maximum likelihood estimation from 1994 to 2005, the survey report several achievements maximum likelihood estimation, to achieve results tables for future slope stability calculation and prediction of slope deformation provide a lot of rock mechanics parameters basis. Improve the accuracy of parameter estimation, saving unnecessary costs of geological exploration. 2) using the RMR method and the GSI method to assess and build on rock evaluate this article focuses on the mathematical model parameters of rock mass quality assessment method (RMR France) and rock strength parameters Assessment Act (GSI France) principle, and analyzed two Ways advantages and disadvantages, according to two methods to assess the characteristics of a function to create a nonlinear mathematical model to identify a point of contact between the two, through the point of contact for GSI method RMR method for coupling analysis and calculation, to improve the rock mass strength assessment accuracy, so that the selection of rock mechanics parameters rationalize and deformation of slope stability analysis forecasting lay a solid foundation. 3) open pit slope deformation forecasting methods of this paper Buzhaoba open pit surface displacement measured data meet the characteristics of gray theory and the theory of chaotic time series forecasting requirements, fully integrated open pit slope monitoring the actual situation, respectively Xiaolongtan Mine Buzhaoba North and the West to help the next one to two years to help the slope deformation trends are predictive analysis, gray theory and chaos theory prediction results are basically consistent with the actual monitoring results, the deformation trend is consistent slope deformation It shows that in the near future will not produce large-scale landslide, exists only within the local area, such as the northwest corner of the West to help the North to help the western, that is, M301, M302 west and other places may produce local landslide.

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