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Products based on brand image color research

Author WangZuo
Tutor ZhangFan
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Brand image Color Semantics Beverage Industry
CLC J524
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Brand of global competition era has arrived . With China's accession to WTO, a large number of foreign brands into the Chinese market, which had relatively weak competitiveness of domestic brands will have a tremendous impact . In recent years, the beverage market war intensified foreign brands , domestic brands in this war without smoke to gain advantage , they must enhance their brand image , changing consumer brand preference. As for the brand image of theoretical research, although economics, management , marketing, science and other disciplines in the art in-depth macro research , but less involved in the actual brand microscopic research, especially how the macroscopic theory actual brand operation and micro combined more scientific the actual image of the brand to improve service . Vision is the ability to accept information from outside the strongest feeling. And rely on visual judgment , the 80% of the judgments based on the color . Brand image recognition process, the color of its unique visual performance and cultural semantics, in the design plays an important role . How to use colors that carrier, so that enterprises in a short highlight differences in the development of enterprises is very important ! Article is an opportunity to take advantage of the above two studies , selected drinks for the study of this type of product platform to color for the study points, from color vision , color , color association and color design , analyzes and beverage industry color visual image of the brand design, brand image for the beverage industry in the development provide a strong reference. Research through literature search, market practice visits and case studies, consumer surveys three methods , the current China's beverage market consumer , brand and color beverage cases to analyze the visual image of the brand , combining psychology, science and other brands knowledge of many disciplines depth of color design thinking and discussion. Finally, the conclusions of the empirical analysis applied to the specific design . Beverage brand image design in color research not only for beverage products complete color design, more importantly, is to lay beverage brand colors, fully embodies the beverage brand philosophy, brand image and the color spread throughout the course , complete the \- heart - color - substance \

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