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Groundwater Numerical Simulation of Tanghai County, Hebei Province

Author YangZuo
Tutor LiZuo
School Shijiazhuang University of Economics
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Tanghai Groundwater systems Groundwater Modeling Water balance
CLC P641.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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China's rapid economic development and population growth has brought a significant increase in water demand, a serious waste of water, improper development and utilization of a range of issues. Especially in the northern regions, to was the lack of water resources to bring greater pressure, of urbanization accelerated into the city and the shortage of water resources contradictions has severely restricted our city into the city, and also restricting the overall development of our national economy . Tanghai County, Hebei Province, located in the Coastal Region of East plain, flat terrain, north to south, due to the impact of climate and natural and geographical conditions, the northern 31.6km2 groundwater full-light district, rest is saltwater District. County industrial development concentrated mostly large water companies, leading to serious over-exploitation of groundwater, water tables are falling. The correct evaluation of the amount of groundwater resources in the area, the premise of scientific planning, rational use of groundwater resources. In this paper, numerical methods of the study area numerical simulation takes into non-homogeneous, isotropic, with a diving leakage recharge conceptual model of the transition to the confined water aquifer of the study area. Select hydrogeological exploration and observation data series of the most complete simulation period from January 2000 to June 2002 to simulate the groundwater of the region in the period, the groundwater flow field and the region's three long-term observation wells groundwater dynamic curve fitting better, high reliability model. Tanghai status quo social, economic, demographic development speed based on the corrected model to predict groundwater level change in the next 10 years, to June 2009 forecast for the initial time to 2020, a total of 11 hydrological year . Forecast results show that: the 2020, the funnel area gradually expanded, and has been involved in the whole salt water area, the Tanghai urban funnel and Fengnan old Wangzhuang funnel gradually form larger regional funnel; funnel center maximum water depth has been reached 70.80m, the funnel edge minimum water depth of 32.00m. Through the collection of data, the study area is divided into three parts water balance analysis, Shallow (Salt Water District), light middle (light area) and middle (salt water area), through the equalization calculation shows: In addition to the shallow salt water due to no mining it in a basic equilibrium, the main mining layer in the negative equilibrium district average annual total negative balance of 1074 × 104m3 / a, which main the mining layer of negative balanced 994 × 104m3 / a . In summary, the diameter row conditions lead to the Tanghai groundwater systems complement changes due to human activities, should be strictly controlled in order to ensure the sustainable development of Tanghai sustainable use of water resources and the socio-economic and ecological environment, groundwater exploitation implementation of the relevant water-saving measures.

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