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Discussion of Literary Ideology Zeng

Author LiuZhaoJun
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School Liaoning University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Zeng Guofan Literary Thoughts Huxiang Culture Xiangxiang School Tongcheng School
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Nearly a hundred years of history in China, Zeng is a clarion call, the man of the hour should those gathered. The violent impact of the wave of peasant uprisings, dying when the Qing Dynasty, Zeng Guofan to defend Norm called for ink Die Congrong, organization Xiangjun. This is like a shot in the arm, and injected into the dying body of the Qing Dynasty, so again recovery. Zeng Guofan rights inone as imperial minister, Governor of two rivers, the overall control of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui Province tasks, to extinguish the flames of the Taiping Rebellion the Han people power to reach the apex of the situation. He Lide, meritorious, achievement unrivaled Albert, known as salty with ZTE first minister; he Founding Liyan, literary theory and poetry works, self-reliance sects, led by the the Xiangxiang School of Literature Bachelor are scene, so that the Tongcheng Moliu revitalization classical career successors sustain the rest of the sound. However, the historical progress wheel no one can curb the rumbling sound. The former mighty commanding generals and Chaotingmingguan, like fallen leaves in the westerly, between mortal fall into the quagmire begins among the clouds, dismal screams issued in the history of the torrent. The arrival of a new era and literature, crushed past all the glory and desire. Zeng Guofan helplessness, of course, is tragic, but the more times its academic, arts and culture, but left red-letter page in the history of modern Chinese literature. Its illustrious military exploits, the political achievements of the civil service Congrong match, Zeng is also a new \Classical, then Tongcheng under Kai Hsianghsiang; poetry, assertive Song wind the universally shadow from. Infections and nurtured in the the Huxiang cultural and geographical Confucianism, Zeng Guofan vapid superhuman perseverance and toughness, his military apart on the basis of the previous build their own literary theoretical system. And nexus intermediary pillar, then Tongcheng, under Kai Xiangxiang breathing moment in the Qing Dynasty issued most statecraft strong voice hoarse cry in response to the requirements of the times must be made to answer . This paper attempts for the background in order to the Zeng Guofan life era, specifically to explore the impact of Huxiang regional culture of their development of literary theory, and the role of family environment on the influence of Tsang's subtle. Trying to restore a whole, three-dimensional historical and literary figures. Explore the a living Fengjiangdali of understanding of inheritance, innovation as well as its unique literary significance in literature and multiplied by Kai next role. So well aware of the important position of Zeng Guofan literary and historical context.

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