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Author YinXueLian
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Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Thomas Hardy Jude the Obscure Modernism Theme Self-realization Disillusionment Alienation Crisis of faith
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) was the great nineteenth-century English novelist and poet. Although his life to poetry writing career as the whole story, but Hardy in a very long period of time as a novelist in the known world. He created a total of more than forty of his life, short stories and fourteen novels. Finally a novel \The eighties and nineties, Hardy novel research mainly limited to \Appeal to the reader works mainly Hardy to his hometown, \While critics argue the interpretation of works of Thomas Hardy, but most commentators have recognized controversy behind Hardy \Moreover, in the history of British fiction writing process, without exception, each version of Hardy and his works will be classified as a nineteenth-century tradition of the novel as well. However, Hardy ahead of his times, his work, especially the last one novel \Like Hardy in the mouth works by Suk said, \attacks and condemnation. Today, from the \Modernist theme is distinguished from other nineteenth-century realist novel writer works with traditional values ??and aesthetic sense to observe the social theme. Livy screen that in a serious sense of alienation and disillusionment history full of atmosphere, the old idealism, romanticism and all the good traditional values ??have become nonsense. Modernist theme reflected in the modernist novels mainly as profoundly reveals the person's sense of alienation, anxiety and disillusionment, seek to express the spiritual world, and a profound reflection of a lonely, painful self. In the history of English literature, James and Conrad has always been considered at the turn of the century pioneer of modernism performance, in addition to their novel and innovative techniques, the modernist theme is an integral part. However, Hardy is also the modern novels made an indelible contribution, in his \Self-fulfillment and disillusionment is \This theme in the novel with the traditional theme of self-realization is the protagonist of different self-realization mostly ended in failure and disillusionment rather than fame. Disillusionment in the form of tragedy on society and thinking about life. This theme Hardy novel \Novelist Thomas Hardy by Jude and Shu were the two protagonists to demonstrate their self-realization and disillusionment. Jude's self-realization and disillusionment can be divided into two aspects. On the one hand is the rational pursuit, determined to become Christ Temple Jude students; feelings pursue other hand, Jude Shu his cousin's love at first sight. However, the social reality of that time, the ideal Jude incompatible with the class he belongs. Jude blocked in front of not only his social status as well as a tool of marriage Ira white woman pulling their emotional deception. Jude rational pursuit failed, turned to the pursuit of feelings. He sees Shu as God, as the world's sole Shu happy pursuit. Unfortunately in their child died after an accident, due to unbearable torment Shu abandoned Jude turned back around Sun Fei Lo. Shu's departure to pursue vain Jude's feelings. Similarly, Shu of freedom, the pursuit of independence against the then Christian faith and role of women in feudal patriarchal system requirements for, and she pursued the establishment on an equal footing with men in love but also because the social reality and the character of the conflict itself sook duality and disillusioned. Alienation also \On the theme of alienation is concerned, it only appears in the text of modern literature, but also in traditional literary text. However, the difference is the alienation of traditional literature major revolt against God. The alienation of modern literature is highly specific to the materialization of capitalist society, the collective and the individual and social alienation among others. And \Alienation theme in this novel there are three characteristics embody - isolated, rootless and lonely. And these three areas is mainly through the hero Jude reflected. Jude is not only on the body is more important is the spiritual isolation with others. Jude's life only to live in their own inner world. Although he pulled with two white women and Shu Ira had a close relationship, but not in the spirit of genuine communication with the duo. Jude isolation with others living in the state has lost his roots, but also in the cultural loss of blood and double the \Jude no parents no hometown, in pursuit of ideals and wander around looking for work, the invasion of capitalism in the symbolic extension of the railway four places Jude had lost his roots; isolation and rootlessness Jude was alone. Loneliness is a direct result of isolation. Hardy in the novel shows the reader a childhood growing up in solitude, an adult due to inability to communicate with people and lonely, and ultimately died alone in a tumult of the hero. Another reflected in the novel's theme is forced to talk about a crisis of faith topics. As we all know, since the adult Hardy Christian faith after the initiative to give up in favor of Darwin's theory of biological evolution. He is also suffering from a crisis of faith mid-Victorian thinkers loyal group of followers. In this novel with autobiographical in nature, Hardy not only the hero's religious crisis, and further ahead of its loss of faith in the idea of ??depicting the state of human existence. Typical of this modernist themes thinking so that works more contemporary features. And Jude and works two sook is eventually lost faith. First, a hero Jude faithful Christians, because he has suffered a tragic injustice and social impact of free thought Shu eventually abandon the Christian faith. Unfortunately he lost his last regarded as God's love Shu. Eventually he died because of the loss of faith in the initiative to seek. Shu's experience and Jude is different, Shu's childhood family education and rigid Christian grow up self-education, her character's rebellious and suspicious that she became an adult disdained Christianity, the pursuit of freedom and independent person. However, in the event of the tragic death of this great spiritual children hit by Shu return to the Christian faith in search of spiritual solace refuge. This time, for her Christian faith has already become hypocritical shell. So she freedom, independence ideals of renunciation and marked the return of the Christian faith is the faith of her existence. Through a detailed discussion of the three aspects, this paper will conclude: it is reflected on the theme of modernism, \The novelist Thomas Hardy far beyond his time, he was the theme of the novel modernist thinking makes him worthy of the British \

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