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The Analysis of the Structure of 2008 European Football Championship Finals Athletes Ball Activity System

Author ChenZuo
Tutor WangChongXi;ZhaoZongYue
School Henan University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords European Football Championship activities with ball systematic structure
CLC G843
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the continuous development of football, nowadays at the time of pursuing the victory of results, the teams are base on the principle of the balance of attack and defense as well as focus on the fierce competition of spatial and temporal control, and view the fierce attack and defense, an effective co-ordination as an important component. Therefore, only do players skillfully master the football skill can they take actions on purpose in the race, handle the ball reasonably to achieve the tactical requirements and win the game. The activities with ball are the basic method and capabilities for athletes in the race. It is also the prerequisite and guarantee of completing the tactical coordination and deciding the quality of tactic. It includes ball technical and non-ball technique. Technology is the basis for the completion of tactical coordination, and the development of tactics continuously improves the progress of technology.European soccer is the most important part of the world’s football. European teams have decent performance in the past World Series. Their overall level is on the dominant position in the world. Each team of European countries with the high level of football has the similar competed capability. So there are fierce competitions in each European Cup. The dominant technical and tactical idea and the form of the offensive and defensive’s organization in each European cup will always lead the development of World soccer’s development in a period. Otherwise, it also plays a positive impact on the development of football in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to study the using of the activities with ball in the European soccer championships.This dissertation count seven games in the stage of finals of 13th session’s European Football Championship via observing the video, using literature and data, logical analysis method, statistical method and the recording method of mathematical statistics. Otherwise, this paper analyzes the races in the terms of the different field regions, different state of confrontations, different state of motion, different modes of activities. The results of study showed that:1. The moves with ball are the basic elements that constitute the ball soccer activities. The combination of the movement with ball constitutes the ball action, the sum of the ball action events constitute the ball activities. The ball movement is the basic elements which constitute the ball soccer activities. The analysis of the structure of the ball system revealed the internal relations of the race, activities and movement, reflecting the overall characteristics of the soccer ball.2. European Soccer Championship’s ball activities complete mainly under the state of confrontation. In the front court, the state of confrontation is almost based on a strong and weaker strong confrontation, technical movement is almost unary and binary, which express the simplicity of the action and practice; although the degree of confrontation in the post-market weakened, the demand for the effect of the completion of actions is high.3. European Soccer Championship’s activities with ball complete mainly under the state of movement. It is a developing trend that completing the action in fast-moving. In the middle front of field, speed is variable, based on combination of fast and slows mainly; technical movement is almost unary, dual action. In order to control the tempo of competition, they are looking for better opportunities.4. There are difference between the action line and defensive position of European Soccer Championship’s ball activities. In the front middle field, the route of athletes have the variable random characteristics, according to the conditions of game and the location of defender; The relationship of defense position are based on the location and the right side of the ball with his back to get a multi-opponent. In the latter field, activities are mainly based on the left-right activities of the main routes to, the relationship of defense here are mainly base on the face and side of the opponent.5. European football championship rob, stealing the ball with the ball in the backcourt rob, action, ball, ball is side ball, Rob, stealing the ball forward, although small, but the number and broken after the success of your opponent’s goal, can direct threat scoring goals.6. European Soccer Championship’s activities with ball complete mainly under the state of confrontation and movement. Technical action is mainly on to unary and binary movements; the relationship of defense position mainly depends on the face of opponents and the right side of the main opponents to binary Action for multi.7. European Soccer Championship’s shooting ball activities almost complete under the state of confrontation. The first area, mostly in the state of strong and weaker strong confrontation, is the region with the highest success rate of shoot, shooting-into at 35.7%, 31.0% Shots on goal, technologic actions are mainly unit moves; the third area is mostly under the state of weak confrontation with triple actions mainly.

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