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Research on the Virtual Assembly Technology Based on Touch

Author ZhangZhenZhen
Tutor ChenDingFang
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Computer Science and Technology
Keywords OSG ODE Multi-channel splicing technology Virtual Assembly
CLC TP391.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The mid-1990s, virtual product development (Virtual Product Development, VPD) the emergence of technology has aroused extensive attention of researchers. The basic idea of ??the VPD technology virtual computer model to simulate and predict product features, performance and manufacturability. In the product development process, it can be conceived in a virtual environment, design, manufacture, test and analysis products, in order to solve the problem of product exists. VPD implementation requires a series of techniques and tools to support virtual assembly is one of the core technology. The virtual assembly according to the shape of the characteristics of the product design, precision characteristics, realistic simulation of three-dimensional assembly process, and allows the user to interactively control the three-dimensional real simulation of the assembly process, in order to test the product can be assembled. This definition focuses on the physical simulation of the assembly process, the idea embodied is an analytical process. Virtual Assembly is an important part of virtual manufacturing, virtual assembly, verify the design and operation of the assembly is correct or not, for early discovery of the assembly to modify the model and the visual display assembly process. Papers on virtual assembly process of developing several key issues for the study of the following aspects: First, open source 3D graphics engine Open Scene Graph (OSG), including OSG drawing frame, scene for scene management Figure technology, stereoscopic display principle, the realization of the principle of the virtual camera and flexible to use. Second, in order to computer-generated three-dimensional digital image output in real time and displayed on an ultra-large-format projection walls, spectators and participants get an immersive virtual simulation visual experience, the system uses a multi-channel stitching technology, and the the tablet screen splicing and the annular curtain splicing the two types of research. Third, based on the analysis of a variety of collision detection algorithm, thesis open source physics engine Open Dynamic Engine (ODE), focuses on the combined use of OSG and ODE. OSG to use the rendering of the scene, the use of ODE collision detection, geometric information extracted from the model to create the ODE collision geometry. Simulation step to improve the accuracy of the collision detection can be adjusted at any time during the simulation. ODE the crane rope swing dynamics model. Fourth, in order to improve the interactivity of the system, using a data glove and position tracker external interaction devices. 5DT 14 contacts data glove, Fastrak and Patriot two position tracker interface development. Thesis research in the development of multi-template virtual assembly system successfully. The system is suitable for the assembly model to meet the requirements of any group, multi-angle scene, real-time, interactive, to give people the feeling of being there.

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